Our best savoury comfort food recipes

Our best savoury comfort food recipes

Our best savoury comfort food recipes Author: Style At Home


Our best savoury comfort food recipes

Satisfy your cravings by cozying up to the best savoury comfort food recipes for cold weather or for having a girls night out party.

comfort-food-recipes-salad.jpg Potato salad
This light and fresh potato salad combines simple ingredients and lots of flavour.

comfort-food-recipes-beans.jpg Slow-baked beans
Making slow-baked beans means the entire family can enjoy a delicious dinner that is packed with protein. And it's simple to make!

comfort-food-recipes-cornbread.jpg Skillet jalapeno cornbread
Add a little spice to your cornbread with a dash of jalapeno flavour.

comfort-food-recipes-pork.jpg Slow-cooked pulled pork
Add some flavour to your summer feasts with this mouthwatering pulled pork recipe.

comfort-food-recipes-eggs.jpg Baked eggs in ham cups (with easy hollandaise sauce)
For breakfast try this baked eggs in ham recipe, instead of traditional scrambled eggs.

comfort-food-recipes-meatloaf.jpg Mini turkey meatloaf
Delicious things come in tiny packages, just like this mini turkey meatloaf.

comfort-food-recipes-tuna.jpg Mini tuna casseroles
A combination of comfort classics make up this mini, and absolutely tasty, tuna casserole dish.

comfort-food-recipes-maccheese.jpg Mini stovetop mac and cheese
A mini cheesy dish that's a comfort food classic.

comfort-food-recipes-minestrone.jpg Minestrone with pancetta, fagioli and pasta
Keep warm with this savoury minestrone soup recipe, that's filled with loads of flavour.

comfort-food-recipes-squash.jpg Curried butternut squash and red lentil soup
Pair with crunchy crackers and you've got a tasty, and hearty meal for a cold Winter night.

comfort-food-recipes-redpepper.jpg Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
This delicious savoury soup is ideal for comfort-food lovers of every age.

comfort-food-recipes-crispy.jpg Crispy chicken with chili garlic sauce
Who needs take-out when you can make your own! Serve this tasty crispy chicken for dinner, and it's guaranteed your family will wonder which restaurant you got it from.

comfort-food-recipes-potpie.jpg Root vegetable pot pie
A scrumptious pot pie recipe made with hearty root vegetables.

comfort-food-recipes-lentilsoup.jpg Spiced carrot and lentil soup
This easy soup recipe will be a comforting delight on a cold winter's day.

comfort-food-recipes-leeksoup.jpg Leek and cauliflower soup with cool Greek yogurt
A tasty leek and cauliflower soup with a drop of cool Greek yogurt that will definitely tempt your palate.

comfort-food-recipes-pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin soup
A nutritious, and culinary versatile, pumpkins bring a new fall flavour to old standbys like soup.

comfort-food-recipes-burgers.jpg Big bacon and blue cheese–stuffed hamburgers
Enjoy a barbecue classic stuffed with bacon and blue cheese!

comfort-food-recipes-fajitas.jpg Smoky skirt steak fajitas
Let your taste buds indulge in the smoky flavours of these delicious steak fajitas.

comfort-food-recipes-ribs.jpg Korean–style barbecue short ribs
Fire up the barbecue and try out this savoury Korean-style ribs recipe!

comfort-food-recipes-chicken.jpg Buttermilk fried chicken
Try some chicken from the South with Martha Stewart's buttermilk fried chicken recipe!

comfort-food-recipes-shrimp.jpg Bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab
Rob Rainford's delicious bacon-wrapped shrimp is bound to be a seafood lovers' favourite!

comfort-food-recipes-balsamic.jpg Balsamic roast chicken with caramelized pearl onions, olives and tomatoes
A savoury one-pot dish that marries succulent chicken with savoury vegetables.

comfort-food-recipes-cannelloni.jpg Cheese cannelloni with spinach and artichokes
A one-pot recipe for cheese cannelloni that's bursting with taste.

comfort-food-recipes-lamb.jpg Lamb tagine with sweet potatoes, cinnamon and preserved lemons
This delicious and hearty meal is made in just one pot.

comfort-food-recipes-goat.jpg Goat cheese gratin
Warm, bubbly and bursting with cheesy taste, this dish will not disappoint.

comfort-food-recipes-tartine.jpg White lentil soup with chorizo, poached eggs, and paprika cream
This warm winter soup pairs beautifully with artisan bread and good company.

comfort-food-recipes-fries.jpg Garlic fries
A longtime staple of ballparks and stadiums, garlic fries are simple to make and delicious to eat.

comfort-food-recipes-linguini.jpg Asparagus linguine with almond butter crisp
For the linguine lover in your life, a delicious pasta dish with an asparagus and almond butter crisp twist!

comfort-food-recipes-lobster.jpg Lobster spaghetti
Give this creamy lobster spaghetti a try.

comfort-food-recipes-pot.jpg Recipes: 5 delicious one-pot meals
These slow cooked meals are perfect winter foods to serve all season long.

comfort-food-recipes-parmesan.jpg Lighter eggplant Parmesan
This lighter version of Eggplant Parmesan is just as delicious as the real thing and is bound to make you feel less guilty when you reach for seconds.

comfort-food-recipes-soups.jpg Recipes: 5 hearty soups
Stay warm this winter with these delicious soup recipes.

comfort-food-recipes-winter.jpg Recipes: Winter comfort foods
Warm up this winter with these comfort food dishes that are sure to kill the chill.

comfort-food-recipes-prok.jpg Pork roast with mojo criollo
Spice up your weeknight meals with this Cuban pork roast.

comfort-food-recipes-pizza.jpg Spicy chicken and artichoke pizza
Kick up the spice and the flavour on your next pizza with this savoury recipe.

comfort-food-recipes-wings.jpg Grilled chicken wings
A healthy and delicious option when you're craving wings.

comfort-food-recipes-pasta.jpg Wagon-wheel pasta and goat cheese
Fast, easy and delicious, this recipe for pasta with goat cheese makes a quick weeknight dinner.

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Our best savoury comfort food recipes