Our favourite homemade burgers and fries recipes

Our favourite homemade burgers and fries recipes Author: Style At Home


Our favourite homemade burgers and fries recipes


  burgers-garlicfries-medium.gif Garlic fries
A longtime staple of ballparks and stadiums, garlic fries are simple to make and delicious to eat.

burgers-French-fries-essentialfr.gif The essential French fry
This basic french fry that is crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle.

burgers-french-fries-mustard-fri.gif Mustard fries
Dress up a basic french fry with a sweet-and-sour kick!

burgers-sweetonionfries-med.gif Sweet onion fries
These onion French fries make a salty snack with a sweet infusion of taste.


burgers-green-onion-pork-burgerM.gif Green onion pork burgers
A fresh and crisp summer favourite, this burger recipe has an Asian twist.

bobby-flay-crunch-burger-MED.gif Bobby Flay’s crunch burger
From Food Network chef Bobby Flay, this burger recipe packs a crunch with potato chips as a condiment.

burgers-hot-buffalo-burger-MED.gif Hot buffalo burgers with blue cheese
This is the perfect recipe for chicken wing lovers - saucy, hot and with a blue cheese kick.

burgers-sliders-MEDIUM.gif Garlic and chili lamb sliders
Sliders are the perfect bite-sized snack and you'll love the kick that these chili lamb mini-burgers will add to your next party.

burgers-Swordfish-Burgers-MEDIUM.gif Swordfish burgers with apple tartar sauce
Opt for seafood this summer with a yummy swordfish burger topped with tangy apple tartar sauce.

burgers-pinapple-jerk-burger-MED.gif Pineapple jerk burgers
Evoke the taste of the islands with these juicy pineapple jerk burgers.


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Our favourite homemade burgers and fries recipes