Our favourite pancake recipes

Our favourite pancake recipes

Our favourite pancake recipes Author: Style At Home


Our favourite pancake recipes

Whether you love breakfast for dinner or enjoy a sweet and savoury brunch, these pancake recipes are ideal for any yummy craving.

pancake-recipes-dutch.jpg Dutch baby pancakes
Add merriment to your morning with a dutch baby pancake served with cherry jam.

pancake-recipes-jam.jpg Rolled pancakes with jam
Here's a twist to classic pancakes - rolled in plum jam for extra flavour!

pancake-recipes-lemon.jpg Lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce
For an easy breakfast, try these ricotta cheese pancakes with a delicious blueberry sauce.

pancake-recipes-oatmeal.jpg Oatmeal-yogurt pancakes with blackberry crush
Nutritious and delicious, these tender oatmeal berry-infused pancakes make a delectable breakfast.

pancake-recipes-bed.jpg Recipes for a breakfast in bed
Five food bloggers share their best recipes for a tasty breakfast in bed.

pancake-recipes-golden.jpg Golden egg pancakes with berries and honey yogurt
Get everyone out of bed with this fruity pancake recipe for breakfast.

pancake-recipes-break.jpg Delicious breakfast recipe ideas
Start the day off right with these hearty breakfast recipe ideas.

pancake-recipes-split.jpg Banana split pancakes
Inspired by a classic ice cream treat, these pancakes are sure to be a hit at breakfast.

pancake-recipes-silver.jpg Silver dollar potato pancakes
This recipe for potato pancakes is a cross between bite-sized pancakes and perfect home fries.

pancake-recipes-ginger.jpg Gingerbread pancakes
These gingerbread pancakes are mildly sweet and pleasantly bright with a bit of orange zest.

Lead photography by Susie Cushner.


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Our favourite pancake recipes