Our favourite Southern recipes

Our favourite Southern recipes

Our favourite Southern recipes Author: Style At Home


Our favourite Southern recipes

Take your cues from the Deep South for your next backyard BBQ using these sweet and savoury comfort food recipes.

southern-recipes-corn.jpg Southern sweet corn pudding
Golden and delicious sweet corn pudding Southern style.

southern-recipes-mustard.jpg Honey mustard collard greens with smoked ham and black-eyed peas
Southern inspired smoky greens to accompany any Deep South dish.

southern-recipes-ribs.jpg Smoky dry rub side ribs
Get your fingers deliciously dirty with Deep South inspired smoky dry rub side ribs.

southern-recipes-cheese.jpg Creamy smoked mac and cheese pots
Melted gouda adds a smoky flavour to this classic creamy macaroni dish.

southern-recipes-BBQ.jpg Our most mouthwatering BBQ recipes
Master the art of the grill with these mouthwatering meat, vegetable and sauce recipes for the barbecue.

southern-recipes-chili.jpg Corn on the cob with chili lime butter
Give your corn on the cob some kick with a spicy and refreshing chili lime butter.

southern-recipes-beans.jpg Slow-baked beans
Making slow-baked beans means the entire family can enjoy a delicious dinner that is packed with protein. And it's simple to make!

southern-recipes-bread.jpg Skillet jalapeno cornbread
Add a little spice to your cornbread with a dash of jalapeno flavour.

southern-recipes-pork.jpg Slow-cooked pulled pork
Add some flavour to your summer feasts with this mouthwatering pulled pork recipe.

southern-recipes-turkey.jpg Mini turkey meatloaf
Delicious things come in tiny packages, just like this mini turkey meatloaf.

southern-recipes-tuna.jpg Mini tuna casseroles
A combination of comfort classics make up this mini, and absolutely tasty, tuna casserole dish.

southern-recipes-root.jpg Root vegetable pot pie
A scrumptious pot pie recipe made with hearty root vegetables.

southern-recipes-back.jpg Backyard barbecue recipes
Don’t miss a minute of these idyllic summer days. Whether you’re in the city or at the lake, savour the freshest fare alfresco, cottage style.

southern-recipes-chicken.jpg Buttermilk fried chicken
Try some chicken from the South with Martha Stewart's buttermilk fried chicken recipe!

southern-recipes-biscuit.jpg Parmesan, sage and roast garlic biscuits
Savoury garlic gluten-free biscuits make delicious appetizers.

southern-recipes-rolls.jpg Awesome white rolls
Fluffly white rolls that pair beautifully with any meal!

southern-recipes-tart.jpg Old-time blackberry cobbler
Gather around the dinner table with this recipe for old-time blackberry cobbler.

southern-recipes-pie.jpg Butterscotch pie
Channel your inner southern belle with this sweet and silky butterscotch pie recipe.

Lead photography by Romulo Yanes.


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Our favourite Southern recipes