Our sweetest comfort food recipes

Our sweetest comfort food recipes

Our sweetest comfort food recipes Author: Style At Home


Our sweetest comfort food recipes

Whether you're a chocolate lover, ice cream fan or just an all-around sugar enthusiast, these sweet and delicious dessert recipes are sure to fill your sugar fix.

comfort-food-sweet-tart.jpg Meyer lemon pine nut tart
A fresh lemon tart for summer that will have you opening the windows and singing a tune.

comfort-food-sweet-red.jpg Greek yogurt strawberry napoleons
Food stylist and recipe developer Tanya Eng creates a fruity, flaky pastry treat that calls to the lighter fare and delicate flavours of spring.

comfort-food-sweet-almond.jpg Almond macarons
Filled with raspberry jam or chocolate ganache, these almond macarons are sure to be a hit in your home.

comfort-food-sweet-meringues.jpg Mamie Jojo’s meringues
Decadent meringues filled with chocolate ganache make the perfect afternoon treat.

comfort-food-sweet-mint.jpg Dark chocolate and mint marshmallow pops
Satisfy your sweet tooth with mint infused marshmallow pops covered in rich dark chocolate.

comfort-food-sweet-eclairs.jpg Eclairs with pistachio cream
A fluffy pastry filled with buttery pistachio cream glazed with decadent chocolate.

comfort-food-sweet-honey.jpg Madeleines with burnt honey cream
The sweet, spongy cakes make for sophisticated snacking, especially when delicately dipped (pinky fingers up!) into a bowl of delicious burnt honey cream.

comfort-food-sweet-chur.jpg Churros with Mayan hot chocolate
A cinnamon and sugar coated Latin-style dessert accompanied with decadent and spicy Mayan hot chocolate.

comfort-food-sweet-dutch.jpg Dutch baby pancakes
Add merriment to your morning with a dutch baby pancake served with cherry jam.

comfort-food-sweet-lime.jpg Lime and coconut cream cups
These simple and delicious homemade treats are the perfect way to finish any meal.

comfort-food-sweet-terrine.jpg Hazelnut chocolate ice cream terrine
This swoon-worthy dessert is sure to satisfy even the deepest of chocolate cravings.

comfort-food-sweet-fondue.jpg Chocolate fondue
A delicious chocolate fondue makes the perfect dinner party dessert.

comfort-food-sweet-pie.jpg Dark chocolate salted caramel tarts
A simple box of shortbread cookies helps create a these decadent chocolate salted caramel tarts.

comfort-food-sweet-fudge.jpg Fudgy chocolate peanut butter brownies
A decadent brownie recipe that perfectly combines peanut butter and fudgy chocolate.

sweet-comfort-food-raspberry.jpg Raspberry and salted caramel meringues
Serve the perfect blend of sweet and salty with these fluffy meringues filled with tart raspberry jam and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

sweet-comfort-food-milkshake.jpg Cap’n Crunch milkshake
Blend up a delicious milkshake featuring a classic breakfast cereal and lots of sweet cream.

sweet-comfort-food-butters.jpg Butter's carrot cake
Filled with seasonal flavour this mouth-watering carrot cake recipe from Rosie Daykin, owner of Vancouver's Butter Baked Goods bakery will have your guests asking for seconds.

sweet-comfort-food-blondies.jpg Pumpkin chocolate chip blondies
Satisfy your love of everything pumpkin with these delectable pumpkin chocolate chip blondies.

sweet-comfort-food-peach.jpg Mini peach pies with bourbon cream
The sugary sweetness of ripe peaches and the savoury flavour of fresh rosemary combine to put a unique spin on an iconic dessert.

sweet-comfort-food-peaches.jpg Banana mango mock ice cream
Combine frozen bananas and fresh mango for a refreshing mock ice cream treat.

sweet-comfort-food-buns.jpg Caramel sticky buns
Add a little something extra to your weekend brunch menu with these delicious caramel sticky buns!

sweet-comfort-food-rggs.jpg Chocolate cream eggs
An Easter treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

sweet-comfort-food-hazelnut.jpg Nigella Lawson's chocolate hazelnut cheesecake
A delightful cheesecake made with hazelnut and Nutella!

sweet-comfort-food-redpies.jpg Red velvet whoopie pies
These sweet red velvet whoopie pies make a great Valentine's Day treat.

comfort-food-recipes-donuts.jpg Mini buttermilk doughnuts with lemon glaze
This mini buttermilk doughnut recipe makes a delightful treat for any time of the day.

sweet-comfort-food-pushpops.jpg Red velvet cake push pops
Use your favourite red velvet cake recipe to make these fun push pops.

sweet-comfort-food-mom.jpg Mom's sky-high lemon meringue pie
Combined together, the flaky crust, mouth-watering lemon filling and sweet meringue topping all make up this delicious pie.

sweet-comfort-food-macaron.jpg Violet macarons
You won't be able to resist this violet macaron - the creamy vanilla-violet filling is dreamy!

sweet-comfort-food-layer.jpg Easy chocolate layer cake
A tale as old as time, the meant-to-be combination of chocolate and vanilla is on display in this stunning layer cake.

sweet-comfort-food-butter.jpg Butter tarts
Quintessentially Canadian and sinfully sweet, these gooey butter tarts are impossible to resist.

sweet-comfort-food-pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin and cream cheese sandwich cookies
The all-time favourite cookie, gets a delicious twist with cream cheese and pumpkins.

sweet-comfort-food-short.jpg Shortbread with chocolate & candied walnuts
Try this decadent twist on traditional shortbread for an incredibly sweet treat.

sweet-comfort-food-powder.jpg Blueberry jelly doughnuts
A soft and sweet drip-down-your-chin treat that will have you savouring every last bite!

sweet-comfort-food-bananaice.jpg Red hot banana ice cream
Indulge in this sweet and savoury red hot banana ice cream!

comfort-food-recipes-icecream.jpg Balsamic caramel ice cream
Try this sweet balsamic caramel ice cream recipe and discover its unexpected savoury twist!

comfort-food-recipes-pie.jpg Chocolate espresso pecan pie
Is there anything better than coffee and chocolate? How about a delicious pecan pie that combines both!

sweet-comfort-food-crepes.jpg Strawberry, rhubarb and mascarpone crepes
A not-too-sweet-sensory indulgence infused with the first delightful offerings of summer.

comfort-food-recipes-cake.jpg Chocolate cherry trifle cake
A slice of this chocolate gluten-free cake will delight all chocoholics.

sweet-comfort-food-snowball.jpg Coconut lime cupcakes
These cupcakes are a delicate confection of sweetness and light with a tangy, tropical twist.

sweet-comfort-food-icebox.jpg Chocolate mint icebox creams
A decadently sweet chocolate recipe to tempt the taste buds of adults and kids alike, and welcome the return of spring (at last!).

sweet-comfort-food-double.jpg Double chocolate brownies
This gluten-free recipe for chocolate brownies ensures you can have the best of both worlds - a delicious dessert without the gluten.

comfort-food-recipes-cheesecake.jpg Creamy cheesecake with berry topping
This luscious cheesecake, laden with fresh succulent berries, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

sweet-comfort-food-cookie.jpg Black and white cookies
White and milk chocolate mingle on this cookie that delivers the best of both sweet worlds.

sweet-comfort-food-snicker.jpg Snickerdoodles
A sweet sugar-based cookie loaded with cinnamon spice.

comfort-food-recipes-brownies.jpg Chocolate and peanut butter brownie bites
Silky chocolate and creamy peanut butter pair together in this recipe to create a brownie that will make your mouth water.

sweet-comfort-food-boston.jpg Boston cream cake
This decadent dessert combines chocolate and cream together for a sweet treat.

sweet-comfort-food-spread.jpg Better-than-boxed chocolate cake
An easy-to-make chocolate cake recipe that will be a hit at weddings and casual get-togethers alike.

sweet-comfort-food-marsh.jpg Chocolate malt marshmallows
This decadent chocolate dessert is guaranteed to please your taste buds.

sweet-comfort-food-pecan.jpg Squidgy pecan brownies
A low-sugar, gluten-free option for any brownie lover!

sweet-comfort-food-caramel.jpg Scrumptious salted caramel shortbread
Satisfy any sweet tooth with this scrumptious caramel shortbread recipe.

sweet-comfort-food-peppermint.jpg Peppermint snowdrift cake doughnuts
These festive doughnuts are the perfect treat to celebrate a happy occasion.

sweet-comfort-food-sprinkle.jpg Powdered sugar mini doughnuts
Indulge within reason with these delicious mini doughnuts.

sweet-comfort-food-cups.jpg Chocolate peanut butter cups
Satisfy that sweet and salty craving with these homemade chocolate peanut butter cups.

sweet-comfort-food-fudge.jpg Old-fashioned fudge cake
This fudge cake recipe has a secret ingredient that not only enhances the chocolate, but is healthy, too!


sweet-comfort-food-cookieball.jpgCoconut macaroons
These coconut macaroons have an added ingredient to make them perfectly sweet.


Martha Stewart's crisp coconut and chocolate pie
Who knew such a seductively sweet pie could be so simple? Martha Stewart makes this dessert recipe easy to enjoy.

sweet-comfort-food-angel.jpgChocolate angel pie
Give your dinner guests a taste of heaven with this chocolate angel pie.

sweet-comfort-food-butterscotch.jpgButterscotch pie
Channel your inner southern belle with this sweet and silky butterscotch pie recipe.

sweet-comfort-food-truffle.jpgChocolate truffles
These holiday classics are sure to be a hit at your next get together.

sweet-comfort-food-hotchoco.jpgCandy bar hot chocolate
Satisfy your sweet tooth and keep warm with Dylan Lauren's hot chocolate recipe.

comfort-food-recipes-fudge.jpgMilk fudge
Indulge your sweet tooth with this simple but decadent Mexican milk fudge.

comfort-food-recipes-cookies.jpgWhite chocolate and fig cookies
These chewy cookies are super indulgent with white chocolate and dried figs.

comfort-food-recipes-cupcake.jpgDouble fudge chocolate cupcakes
These classic cupcakes have an amazing deep chocolate flavour and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Lead photography by Leigh Beisch.


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Our sweetest comfort food recipes