Our sweetest pear recipes

Our sweetest pear recipes

Our sweetest pear recipes Author: Style At Home


Our sweetest pear recipes

Cakes. Tarts. Crumbles. Like other fall recipes (think delectable apples, ripe blueberries and tasty peaches) these harvest pear dessert recipes are a sweet and crunchy treat for your next dinner party.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pear-tart.jpg Almond and pear tart
An easy-to-make and delicately flavoured frangipane-style favourite.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pear-spic.jpg Caramel pear spice cakes
Make the best of delicious pears with these caramel spice cakes.

pear-recipes-meta-page-poached-c.jpg Eva Longoria's cranberry-poached pears
Try this cranberry infused recipe for a fruity dessert or as a sweet side dish.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pears-cho.jpg Poached pears with chocolate ganache
These poached pears are a simple yet elegant way to top off your next dinner party.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pear-cook.jpg Almond butter sandwich cookies
The classic sandwich cookie is updated with a delectable combination of almonds and pears.

pear-recipes-meta-page-chocolate.jpg Chocolate pear cakes
Five of our favourite food bloggers share their fabulous fall recipes, including a delicious chocolate pear cake.

pear-recipes-meta-page-red-poach.jpg Pears poached in red wine with raspberry sauce
A little bit sweet, a little bit tart, these poached pears make the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pear-crum.jpg Wild Blueberry Pear Crumble
This berry good treat can be served for your friends or just for you.

pear-recipes-meta-page-pear-cake.jpg Pear tarte tatin
This pastry of pears mixed with lemon juice and cinnamon is the perfect dinner party dessert.

pear-recipes-meta-page-vanilla-i.jpg Poached vanilla pears
Combine pears with ice cream and you've got a tasty-for-two treat.

pear-recipes-meta-page-wine-pear.jpg Slow-baked honey wine pears
These delicious pears are gorgeous served with sweetened, Cognac-scented whipped cream.


Lead image photography by Edward Pond. 


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Our sweetest pear recipes