Pasta recipes

Pasta recipes

Pasta recipes Author: Style At Home


Pasta recipes

Wagon-wheel pasta and goat cheese
Fast, easy and delicious, this recipe for pasta with goat cheese makes a quick weeknight dinner.
Old-fashioned mac and cheese
Satisfy tastebuds with this classic cheesy macaroni dish.

Cherry tomato red clam sauce with linguine

Linguine and clams make a simple yet elegant supper any night of the week.

Pasta bezza
A lovely combination of asparagus and pasta makes for a light and delicious dish.

Linguine with sausage (and an easy egg sauce)
The sausage in this linguine recipe adds a welcome sweet or spicy kick to excite the tastebuds.

Lobster spaghetti
Give this creamy lobster spaghetti a try.

Scrambled-egg pasta
Use leftover pasta to make this simple recipe even easier.

Bocconcini and roasted tomato pasta salad

Spice up your usual pasta salad by adding roasted tomatoes and bocconcini.

Fusilli with cherry tomatoes and fresh tuna

Make this delicious pasta dish for a fresh and colourful weeknight meal.

Farfalle with arugula and white beans

A hearty and delicious pasta with arugula and white beans.

Penne alla Papalina
Mario Batali gets back to his Italian roots with this savoury penne pasta with peas and prosciutto.

Saffron tagliatelle with spiced butter
Spices make this saffron-infused pasta dish something to truly savour.

Asparagus linguine with almond butter crisp
For the linguine lover in your life, a delicious pasta dish with an asparagus and almond butter crisp twist!

Rustic linguine with summer herbs and olives
Give this delicious olive and herb linguine dish a try.

Spaghetti vongole
This spaghetti recipe from Style at Home food editor Donna Hay is a seafood lover's dream.

Pasta recipe: Linguine with zucchini, spinach, lemon and pine nuts
A quick and simple way to make healthy, scrumptious pasta.

Recipe: Ricotta and spinach pasta
Try this super easy and delicious pasta recipe by Style at Home food editor Donna Hay.

Pasta recipe: Mushroom ravioli

Make this mushroom ravioli from scratch for a savoury meal.

Recipe: Sausage and tomato ragu with pasta
Authentically Italian and full of flavour, you will love the fresh, homemade taste of this tomato ragu pasta recipe.

Pasta recipe: Spaghetti with anchovy, tuna and caper sauce
Try a twist on seafood pasta with this delicious spaghetti mixed with anchovies, tuna and caper sauce.

Recipe: Mint and zucchini pasta

Expert foodie Donna Hay shares a refreshing recipe for mint and zucchini pasta.

Pasta recipe: Chanterelle and kalamata olive ravioli

An elegant dish of macadamia cream, herb sauce and pistachio-parsley salad.

Recipe: Pennette with pancetta and peas
Stay warm with Rick Tramonto's deliciously easy pasta recipe.

Recipe: Penne pasta bake
This tasty pasta recipe is the perfect meal to warm cold nights.


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Pasta recipes