Savoury salmon recipes

Savoury salmon recipes

Savoury salmon recipes Author: Style At Home


Savoury salmon recipes

Salmon-meta-smokedfritters.jpgSmoked salmon on corn fritters recipe
This recipe for smoked salmon makes a sophisticated appetizer that's loaded with omega-3s.

Salmon-meta-panroast.jpgSalmon pan roast with garlic shavings and basil on fresh greens
Good old salmon in a white wine sauce gets a major makeover when shaved garlic and torn fresh basil go into the pan.

Salmon-meta-crepetorte.jpgSmoked-salmon crêpe torte
Layers and layers of thin, tender whole-wheat crêpes and smoked salmon make a stunning multi-layered cake-like torte.

Salmon-meta-cakesyogsauce.jpgSalmon cakes with lemon-caper yogurt sauce

These delicious salmon cakes are perfect for fish-lovers.

Salmon-meta-eggs.jpgSmoked salmon with scrambled eggs
Add a little interest to traditional scrambled eggs with some smoked salmon and spice.

Salmon-meta-latkes.jpgRecipe: Latkes 4 ways
Try these delicious latke variations for your Hanukkah celebration this year.

Salmon-meta-croissant.jpgSalmon croissant sandwich
Add a little breakfast flair to your lunch by combining smoked salmon with a croissant.

Salmon-meta-newyears.jpgNew Year's hors d'oeuvres and wine menu- smoked salmon skewer

Your food and wine guide to a smashing New Year's Eve.

Salmon-meta-seafoodcrostini.jpgRecipe: Seafood crostini
Cook this seafood and tomato appetizer on the raclette grill top. Sprinkling the heated grill with a little salt before cooking ingredients helps prevent food from sticking.

Salmon-meta-icecubesushi.jpgIce-cube-tray sushi
Make your own sushi using a regular ice cube tray. If you're uneasy about raw fish, swap it out for veggies or cooked shrimp.

Salmon-meta-lemonfishcakes.jpgLemony fish cakes
These fresh and easy fish cakes from Donna Hay have a lemony twist for a delicious weekday dinner.

Salmon-meta-bouillabaisse.jpgSlow-cooked bouillabaisse
Chock full of fish and hearty vegetables, this bouillabaisse recipe is the perfect way to warm up a cold winter night.

Salmon-meta-ceviche.jpgWine & spirits: Give it a shot- Salmon ceviche with gin & lime
Insider tip: Wine and spirits can add a new dimension to your recipes!

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Savoury salmon recipes