Savoury squash recipes

Savoury squash recipes

Savoury squash recipes Author: Style At Home


Savoury squash recipes

squash-recipe-martha-stewart.jpgRecipe: Martha Stewart's baked squash halves
Martha Stewart's easy way to serve warm and hearty baked squash.

squash-recipe-butternut-thyme.jpgRecipe: Butternut squash with thyme and cider
Butternut squash braised in a slow cooker makes it flavourful and tender.

squash-recipe-honey-roasted.jpgRecipe: Honey-roasted squash with crumbled feta and walnuts
A delicious and easy-to-prepare autumnal squash salad.

squash-recipe-butternut-apple-so.jpgRecipe: Butternut squash and apple soup with cider cream
In New England, where I live, two of the most prolific fall crops are apples and squashes. Inspired by these two seasonal treasures, I combined Granny Smith apples with butternut squash to create the recipe that follows.

squash-recipe-rustic-butternut.jpgRecipe: Rustic butternut squash and cannellini bean soup
This easy to make vegetable soup is good for both large and small meals.

squash-recipe-winter-souffle.jpgRecipe: Winter squash, brown butter and sage souffles
A dusting of Parmesan cheese crowns each soufflé with a splash of pizzazz!

squash-recipe-lamb-stew.jpgRecipe: Lamb stew with squash and mint
This aromatic, slow-cooked stew creates soft and succulent lamb.

squash-recipe-butternut-pecans.jpgRecipe: Butternut squash soup with curried pecans, apple and goat cheese
A big bowl of this bright orange soup with a salad and crusty bread makes a simple midweek meal.

squash-recipe-cranberry-quinoa.jpgRecipe: Cranberry pecan quinoa pilaf
This flavourful quinoa is the perfect side dish option to serve this Thanksgiving.

squash-recipe-couscous-pumpkin.jpgRecipe: Couscous salad with vanilla pumpkin seed vinaigrette
This hearty salad is sure to please with its mixture of sweet and tangy flavours.

squash-recipe-red-bean-rice.jpgRecipe: Red bean and rice with chipotle pumpkin seed pesto
Feel satisfied with this protein-rich, vegetarian rice dish topped with chipotle pesto sauce.

meta-butternut-squash-salad.jpgWarm butternut squash salad with Parma ham
A delicious salad topped with butternut squash and made with Parma ham for extra flavour.

meta-cornish-hens.jpgStuffed Cornish game hens for two
Try this delicious twist on poultry for dinner: Cornish game hen stuffed with sweet Italian sausage, prunes, and savory with cinnamon butternut squash.

meta-curried-butternutsquash-sou.jpgRecipe: Curried butternut squash and red lentil soup
Pair with crunchy crackers and you've got a tasty, and hearty meal for a cold Winter night.

meta-recipe-autumn-veg-soup.jpgAutumn vegetable soup with sausage and green lentils
A hearty and stewlike soup with an exotic aroma of Middle Eastern spices that will fill your kitchen with their warm, toasty smell.

meta-recipe-squash-soup.jpgRecipe: Wild mushroom and butternut squash soup
Shake off the chill in the air with this savoury wild mushroom and butternut squash soup.

meta-soba-noodles.jpgRecipe: Shiitake and butternut squash soup with soba noodles
Find a warm comfort in butternut squash and shiitake mushroom soup ladled over soba noodles.

meta-recipe-chili-roasted-squash.jpgChili-roasted delicata squash with queso fresco
With its slight kick, this chili-roasted squash might become your new favourite side dish.

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Savoury squash recipes