Scrumptious pie recipes

Scrumptious pie recipes

Scrumptious pie recipes Author: Style At Home


Scrumptious pie recipes

Try baking up a delicious dessert (or dinner) this season, from mini pie pops to oven baked pastry delights.

best-pie-recipe-dark-chocolate-f.jpgDark chocolate fudge pie pop
Heavenly swirls of dark chocolate come together in this fudge-filled pie pop.

best-pie-recipes-lemon-meringue-.jpgLemon meringue pie pop
Give classic lemon meringue pie a modern twist by incorporating a lollipop stick.

best-pie-recipes-ginger-snap.jpgGinger snap dragon pie pop
Your step-by-step guide on how to bake Marcie Ballard's sweet and spicy ginger snap dragon pie pop.

best-pie-recipes-recipe-mini-pea.jpgMini peach pies with bourbon cream

The sugary sweetness of ripe peaches and the savoury flavour of fresh rosemary combine to put a unique spin on an iconic dessert.

best-pie-recipe-mini-sheperds-pi.jpgMini shepherd’s pie for two

With its hearty goodness and just-right portion size, you'll definitely love this mini Shepherd's pie!

best-pie-recipes-whoopie-pie-red.jpgRed velvet whoopie pies
These sweet red velvet whoopie pies make a great Valentine's Day treat.

best-pie-recipes-Pie-Pops-recipe.jpg Heart-shaped pie pops
Now you can enjoy your favourite pie on a stick, with these adorable heart-shaped pie pops.

best-pie-recipes-Whoopie-Pies.jpgWhoopie pie
Take a delicious bite out of your childhood with this sweet marshmallow infused cookie-sandwich recipe.

best-pie-recipe-THE-Dutch-oven-p.jpgHarvest peach-raspberry pie

A sweet, refreshing pie bursting with succulent fruit!

best-pie-recipe-25-pies.jpg25 pie recipes
These sweet and savoury pie recipes are ideal for a large family dinner or for a quiet dinner at home.

best-pie-recipes-spinach-ricotta.jpgSpinach, ricotta and dill pies
Serve Donna Hay's spinach, ricotta and dill pies as an appetizer with your next pasta entree.

pie-recipe-coconut-chocolate.jpg Recipe: Martha Stewart's crisp coconut and chocolate pie
Who knew such a seductively sweet pie could be so simple? Martha Stewart makes this dessert recipe easy to enjoy.

pie-recipe-blueberry-pie.jpg Recipe: Martha Stewart's yogurt and blueberry pie
Try Martha Stewart's sweet spin on the breakfast parfait with this pie recipe.

pie-recipe-chocolate-angel-pie.jpg Recipe: Chocolate angel pie
Give your dinner guests a taste of heaven with this chocolate angel pie.

pie-recipe-pumpkin-pie.jpg Recipe: Pumpkin pie
Spiced with rum, this pumpkin pie is a delicious fall classic that will have your guests begging for more.

pie-recipe-butterscotch-pie.jpg Recipe: Butterscotch pie
Channel your inner southern belle with this sweet and silky butterscotch pie recipe.

pie-recipe-lemon-meringue.jpg Recipe: Lemon meringue pie
This lemon meringue pie is the perfect tart and sweet treat for any day of the week.

pie-recipe-apple-pie.jpg Recipe: Classic apple pie
Make your Thanksgiving feast a winner with this classic apple pie.

pie-recipe-key-lime-pie.jpg Recipe: Key lime cream pie with billowy meringue
Tart and sweet, light and creamy, this pie will be a treat for everyone.

pie-recipe-chocolate-tart.jpg Recipe: Chocolate tart
This is a sophisticated dessert to end a late-night dinner with friends.

pie-recipe-pear-tarte.jpg Recipe: Pear tarte tatin
This pastry of pears mixed with lemon juice and cinnamon is the perfect dinner party dessert.

pie-recipe-marmalade-tart.jpg Recipe: Marmalade and bittersweet chocolate tart
A perfect treat to accompany a hot cup of tea, these chocolate tarts step it up with a zesty mandarin flavour.

pie-recipe-lemon-tart.jpg Recipe: Classic lemon tart
This classic lemon tart gives you best of both worlds -- the tartness of lemon and the sweetness of sugar.

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Scrumptious pie recipes