The best BBQ recipes to keep you grilling all summer long

The best BBQ recipes to keep you grilling all summer long Author: Style At Home


The best BBQ recipes to keep you grilling all summer long

A backyard barbecue is a summer entertaining favourite. Choose one of these savoury grill recipes for your next outdoor dinner party to serve alongside crunchy Vietnamese slaw or a pink sangria.

recipe-lamb-burgers-2.jpg Lamb burgers with feta & sweet mint sambal
Impress your barbecue party guests with these tasty lamb burgers topped with a sweet mint sambal.

recipe-grilled-veggies-2.jpg Garlicky grilled summer veggies
A garlicky blend of delicious summer vegetables that make a perfect side dish at your next barbecue.

bbq-recipe-smoky-dry-ribs.jpg Smoky dry rub side ribs
Get your fingers deliciously dirty with Deep South inspired smoky dry rub side ribs.

bbq-recipes-portobello-burger.jpg Grilled portobello burger with sun-dried tomato kale-hemp pesto
If you are a fan of juicy portobello mushroom caps, you will go crazy over this simple, but memorable ultimate summertime burger!

best-barbecue-recipes-corn.jpg Corn on the cob with chili lime butter
Give your corn on the cob some kick with a spicy and refreshing chili lime butter.

best-barbecue-recipes-sirloin.jpg Soy-lemon sirloin kebabs with ginger dipping sauce
Impress your guests with these flavour-packed steak skewers, sure to be a hit at any backyard party.

best-barbecue-recipes-kebab.jpg Chicken kebabs with tzatziki
Transform your chicken kebab with the tasty zing of tzatziki, a perfect addition to any summer barbecue.

best-barbecue-recipes-jumbo.jpg Basil-lime shrimp kebabs with creamy herb dip
Add some savoury goodness to your grill this summer with these easy and delicious shrimp kebabs.

best-barbecue-recipes-backyard.jpg Backyard barbecue recipes
Don’t miss a minute of these idyllic summer days. Whether you’re in the city or at the lake, savour the freshest fare alfresco, cottage style.

best-barbecue-recipes-steak.jpg Smoky skirt steak fajitas
Let your taste buds indulge in the smoky flavours of these delicious steak fajitas.

best-barbecue-recipes-ribs.jpg Korean–style barbecue short ribs
Fire up the barbecue and try out this savoury Korean-style ribs recipe!

best-barbecue-recipes-chips.jpg Big bacon and blue cheese–stuffed hamburgers
Enjoy a barbecue classic stuffed with bacon and blue cheese!

best-barbecue-recipes-hickory.jpg Hickory-smoked chicken thighs
Rob Rainford uses his charcoal grill to add smokey flavours to his chicken thighs.

best-barbecue-recipes-onions.jpg Fresh tomato salad with grilled red onion
Rob Rainford adds some champagne to his dressing to create a tasty tomato salad.

best-barbecue-recipes-rob.jpg Bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab
Rob Rainford's delicious bacon-wrapped shrimp is bound to be a seafood lovers' favourite.

best-barbecue-recipes-chutney.jpg Tomato and onion chutney
Add some spice to your burgers with a tasty tomato and onion chutney.

best-barbecue-recipes-burgers.jpg Corn and cucumber crunch
Give your burger an extra crunch with this tasty corn and cucumber topping.

best-barbecue-recipes-mayo.jpg Lemon mayo and roasted pepper tapenade
This fresh idea for a homemade lemon burger topping will make delicious beef patties all summer long.

best-barbecue-recipes-kebabs.jpg Chicken and pepper kebabs
Serve these savoury chicken kebabs and turn your next outdoor entertaining event into a smashing success.

best-barbecue-recipes-couscouse.jpg Israeli couscous salad with grilled veggies
Try this couscous salad, packed with delicious grilled veggies.

best-barbecue-recipes-picnic.jpg Barbecue picnic chicken
This barbecue chicken is packed with herbs and spices and is perfect for any outdoor party.

best-barbecue-recipes-fennel.jpg Fennel tzatziki
Brighten up your summer kebabs with a creamy yogurt and fennel tzatziki sauce.

best-barbecue-recipes-relish.jpg Sweet pepper and corn relish
This retro relish is making a comeback and is the perfect savoury side for your next barbecue.

best-barbecue-recipes-tonight.jpg Green onion pork burgers
A fresh and crisp summer favourite, this burger recipe has an Asian twist.

best-barbecue-recipes-buffalo.jpg Hot buffalo burgers with blue cheese
This is the perfect recipe for chicken wing lovers - saucy, hot and with a blue cheese kick.

best-barbecue-recipes-crunch.jpg Bobby Flay's crunch burger
From Food Network chef Bobby Flay, this burger recipe packs a crunch with potato chips as a condiment.

best-barbecue-recipes-father.jpg Father's Day recipes for the grill
This Father's Day fire up the grill and treat dad to some delicious bbq!

best-barbecue-recipes-leeks.jpg Grilled leeks with pomegranate vinaigrette
These grilled leeks are the perfect side dish for a summer barbeque.

best-barbecue-recipes-apples.jpg Grilled apples with sweet sausage stuffing
Stuffed with sweet sausage, onions and toasted walnuts, these grilled apples are a gourmet treat.

best-barbecue-recipes-sliders.jpg Garlic and chili lamb sliders
Sliders are the perfect bite-sized snack and you'll love the kick that these chili lamb mini-burgers will add to your next party.

best-barbecue-recipes-carrots.jpg Grilled carrot salad
Bring out the juicy sweetness in carrots with this grilled salad recipe.

best-barbecue-recipes-wings.jpg Grilled chicken wings
A healthy and delicious option when you're craving wings.

best-barbecue-recipes-garlic.jpg Donna Hay's roasted garlic bruschetta
Three easy steps is all it takes to make this delicious appetizer by Donna Hay.

best-barbecue-recipes-swordfish.jpg Swordfish burgers with apple tartar sauce
Opt for seafood this summer with a yummy swordfish burger topped with tangy apple tartar sauce.

best-barbecue-recipes-jerk.jpg Pineapple jerk burgers
Evoke the taste of the islands with these juicy pineapple jerk burgers.

best-barbecue-recipes-tzatziki.jpg Grilled chicken tzatziki
Go Greek with this delicious chicken tzatziki wrap.

best-barbecue-recipes-lamb.jpg Lamb and feta sliders
Savoury sliders with lamb and feta are appetizers that will appeal to everyone.

best-barbecue-recipes-peach.jpg Grilled peach salad with blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette
Add a splash of juicy peach to your salad with this easy recipe.

best-barbecue-recipes-skewers.jpg Shrimp skewers with herb sauce
This recipe is for sizzling on the raclette grill top. If you can’t get lemon balm, try substituting fresh mint.

best-barbecue-recipes-seafood.jpg Seafood crostini
Cook this seafood and tomato appetizer on the raclette grill top. Sprinkling the heated grill with a little salt before cooking ingredients helps prevent food from sticking.

best-barbecue-recipes-strawberry.jpg Baby spinach salad with roasted strawberries
This fresh and delicious summer salad will be a hit at any barbecue or backyard bash.

best-barbecue-recipes-asparagus.jpg Asparagus with saffron aioli
Grilled asparagus makes a tasty side for weeknight dinners or when hosting guests.

best-barbecue-recipes-izakaya.jpg Asian oven BBQ pork
This Asian barbecue recipe has all sorts of dressings -- perfect for your next dinner party.

best-barbecue-recipes-apricot.jpg Gingerbread with grilled apricots
Make good use of the backyard grill by cooking up this tasty dessert.

best-barbecue-recipes-wraps.jpg Chicken involtini with prosciutto and basil
Satisfy your hunger with this recipe for grilled chicken involtini and prosciutto.

best-barbecue-recipes-carrot.jpg Orange-glazed carrots
Add these grilled orange-glazed carrots to your next meal for a sweet summer treat.

best-barbecue-recipes-shrimp.jpg Vietnamese shrimp pops with peanut sauce
Fire up the grill for these simply scrumptious shrimp skewers.

best-barbecue-recipes-sauce.jpg The best of barbecue sauce
Facts, tips and techniques on how to get the best barbecue sauce.

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The best BBQ recipes to keep you grilling all summer long