Valentine's Day recipes

Valentine's Day recipes

Valentine's Day recipes Author: Style At Home


Valentine's Day recipes

Pots de creme
A heavenly concoction of chocolate and cream to celebrate with the one you love.

Red velvet cake push pops
Use your favourite red velvet cake recipe to make these fun push pops.

Heart-shaped pie pops
Now you can enjoy your favourite pie on a stick, with these adorable heart-shaped pie pops.

Red velvet whoopie pies
These sweet red velvet whoopie pies make a great Valentine's Day treat.

Cupid's arrow cupcakes

Cupid stuck his arrow into something else this year - these delicious Valentine's Day cupcakes!

Valentine's Rice Krispie pops

A cute Valentine's Day treat made with tasty Rice Krispies!

Strawberry napoleons
Spend more time with your sweetheart with this easy and romantic dessert.

Poached pears with chocolate ganache
Set the stage for romance with this sweet and satisfying dessert.

White chocolate mousse
This is an easy and delicious dessert to serve after a romantic Valentine's dinner.

Hot cocolat
Romance your Valentine with a dreamy cup of this hot chocolate.

Chocolate Valentine's Day Cookies

Give your sweetheart a tasty treat with this Valentine's Day recipe for chocolate heart-shaped cookies.

Sweet Valentine's Day treats
Indulge your sweet tooth with these delicious Valentine's Day desserts.

Flourless chocolate cake

Perfect for carb-conscious chocolate lovers, this cake with a hint of hazelnut is a great Valentine's Day recipe option.

Valentine's Day recipe: Chocolate cupcakes
A vegan-friendy chocolate treat that looks great topped with candied or frosted hearts.

Flourless chocolate cookies
These cookies are a fab Valentine's Day recipe idea for a loved one that eats gluten-free.

Chocolate tart
This is a sophisticated dessert is one of the most elegant Valentine's Day recipes.

Chocolate strawberry truffle pots
Make these tasty little desserts for a sweet treat after a big Valentine's Day meal.

Peanut butter cups
Chocolate and peanut butter is a delicious pairing. Use heart-shaped molds to give this Valentine's Day recipe a romantic touch.

Traditionally a candy for children, this sweet treat also looks lovely when wrapped and attached atop a Valentine's Day gift.

Pears poached in red wine with raspberry sauce
This crimson-coloured fruit dessert makes for a great Valentine's Day recipe.

Hot chocolate chai

Spice things up with this warm and cosy drink recipe.

Blood orange mimosas
Make a romantic toast with this Valentine's Day recipe for pretty pink cocktails that can be enjoyed morning, noon or night.

Valentine's Day menu
These romantic and easy-to-prepare Valentine's Day recipes will make for an unforgettable dinner.


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Valentine's Day recipes