Vegetarian recipe ideas

Vegetarian recipe ideas

Vegetarian recipe ideas Author: Style At Home


Vegetarian recipe ideas

if you're looking for dishes that are delicious, nutritious and without meat then you'll enjoy this selection of vegetarian recipe ideas. Whether you're searching for soups, salads, appetizers or entrées, even meat lovers will want to give these recipes a try.

Great vegetarian recipe ideas

Sweet and sour vegetable tart
A variety of spices make this veggie dish a healthy treat.

Risotto with mushrooms
Dried porcini are packed with flavour and only a small amount is needed to impart their woodsy essence into this risotto. To make this dish a true vegetarian recipe, substitute the chicken broth for low-sodium vegetable broth.

Orange-glazed carrots
A simple and savoury vegetarian recipe: add these grilled orange-glazed carrots to your next meal or eat them alone for a sweet summer snack.

Butternut squash with thyme and cider
Butternut squash braised in a slow cooker makes it flavourful and tender.

Olive-tomato polenta
Delight friends and family with a vegetarian recipe that's tasty and fun to make.

Silver dollar potato pancakes
This vegetarian recipe for potato pancakes is a cross between bite-sized pancakes and perfect home fries.

Green mango and rice noodle lettuce cups
This light Asian vegetarian recipe will satisfy all of your cravings.

Greek salsa with pita crisps
For a large crowd, this vibrant salsa can easily be multiplied.

Asparagus-tomato gratin
Healthy, fast and easy to make, this vegetarian recipe for asparagus-tomato gratin is a sure winner for dinner.

Spinach, ricotta and dill pies
Serve Donna Hay's spinach, ricotta and dill pies as an appetizer with your next pasta entree.

Martha Stewart's baked squash halves
Martha Stewart's vegetarian recipe for easy-to-serve warm and hearty baked squash.

Grilled leeks with pomegranate vinaigrette

These grilled leeks are the perfect side dish for a summer barbeque.

Cranberry pecan quinoa pilaf
This flavourful quinoa is the perfect side dish option to serve this Thanksgiving.

Artichoke-rosemary tart with polenta crust
Try this artichoke and rosemary tart made with a delicious polenta crust.

Vegetarian salad recipes

Egg-salad cream puffs
An enticing vegetarian recipe for savoury cream puffs that are mouthwateringly light and airy.

Heirloom tomato salad
Vibrant, flavourful heirloom tomatoes make for a beautiful, refreshing spring or summer salad.

Honey-roasted squash with crumbled feta and walnuts
A delicious and easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipe for an autumnal squash salad.

Orange, roasted beet and arugula salad
A fresh and delicious salad with just the right amount of zest.

Pumpkin and string bean salad
Combining pumpkin and string beans makes for a hearty and healthy vegetarian recipe.

Raw artichoke salad
For a light and easy starter, try this raw artichoke salad at your next dinner party.

Herbal guacamole and spicy jicama in romaine leaves
A light vegetarian recipe for a salad that is not only quick to make, but adaptable to many meals.

Green bean salad
This green bean salad is the perfect healthy starter for a light dinner.

Fava bean salad
Light and nutritious, this fava bean salad includes asparagus, mint and cheese for a flavourful starter.

Salsa verde potato salad
This salsa verde potato salad is sure to become one of your favourite side dishes.

Cold soba noodle salad
Add an Asian twist to your menu with this refreshing noodle salad.

Israeli couscous salad with grilled veggies
Try this couscous salad, packed with delicious grilled veggies.

Vegetarian soup recipes

Butternut squash and apple soup with cider cream
In New England, two of the most prolific fall crops are apples and squashes. Inspired by these two seasonal treasures, combine Granny Smith apples with butternut squash. To create it as a vegetarian recipe, substitute the chicken for vegetable broth.

Spring vegetable medley soup
Try this light soup after a trip to the farmers' market.

Avocado soup
Try this vegetarian recipe for yummy avocado soup when you want to warm yourself up on a cool day.

Rustic butternut squash and cannellini bean soup
This easy-to-make vegetable soup is good for both large and small meals.

Ribollita: The Tuscan minestrone
Ribollita means 'boiled again' in Italian, and this rich peasant vegetable soup does, in fact, get a double dose of cooking.

Roasted wild mushroom soup
A mix of wild mushroom varieties make this soup a delicious starter to any meal.

Golden broth
This soup is flexible and easy to make, perfect for the summertime.

Caramelized sweet potato soup with maple syrup
Chef Michael Mansfield of Restaurant Tony de Luca shares one of his delicious soup recipes.

Spring vegetable medley soup

Try this light soup after a trip to the farmers' market.

Vegetarian pasta recipes

Mint and zucchini pasta
Expert foodie Donna Hay shares a refreshing vegetarian recipe for mint and zucchini pasta.

Penne pasta bake
This tasty dish is the perfect meal to warm cold nights.

Farfalle with arugula and white beans
A hearty and delicious pasta with arugula and white beans.

Linguine with zucchini, spinach, lemon and pine nuts
A quick and simple way to make healthy, scrumptious pasta.

Mushroom ravioli
Make this mushroom ravioli from scratch for a savoury meal.

Chanterelle and kalamata olive ravioli
An elegant dish of macadamia cream, herb sauce and pistachio-parsley salad.

Peanut noodles with mango
This vegetarian recipe is the perfect thing to bring to or serve at a party. The dish can be made hours ahead of time and the noodles won't become gummy.

Sweet potato gnocchi
Next time you make gnocchi, try using sweet potato for a yummy twist.

Wagon-wheel pasta and goat cheese

Fast, easy and delicious, this recipe for pasta with goat cheese makes a quick weeknight dinner.

Pasta bezza
A lovely combination of asparagus and pasta makes for a light and delicious dish.

Rustic linguine with summer herbs and olives
Give this delicious herb and linguine dish a try.


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Vegetarian recipe ideas