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Creative place card ideas

Creative place card ideas Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

Creative place card ideas

Though it might seem a tad formal in this age of casual entertaining, setting place cards at your table is a thoughtful and charming way to guide guests to their seats, whether you're hosting a soiree for 60 or an intimate sit-down for six. And why not? Creative cards can serve up loads of fun, get the conversation going, and even double as favours. Just use your imagination, or steal one of these 6 ideas for your next party.


Spell it out
Another use for your Scrabble game. Talk about simple -- all you have to do is know how to spell!


Seasonal style
Pretty papers and a seasonal paper punch make beautiful place cards possible without a huge amount of effort. Print each guest's name (in a classic font found in your word-processing software) onto a four-inch-square piece of card stock so that one name is right side up and the same name is upside down close to the top edge (when the card is folded in half lengthwise, each guest will see the name of the person who's sitting across from him or her). Use the punch to cut shapes out of papers in contrasting colours; glue shapes to card. Punch out some extra shapes to sprinkle about the table.


What a pear!
It's easy being green with this edible place card idea, but don't forget to remind guests to remove their name before they chomp! Stick letter brads (available at scrapbooking and craft or art supply shops) into a pear or any soft-skin fruit. When grocery shopping, select fruits that stand upright.


Nesting instinct
Simple but beautiful, this little paper nest can dress a tabletop any time of the year. With an exacto knife, cut small strips of construction paper (we used two colours). Curl paper by pulling a scissor blade along each strip. Intertwine the curled strips to form a little nest; loop one of the paper curls through a name tag. Drop a chocolate-covered almond into the nest and, if desired, sit the nest on a tiny feather placed on a plate.


Table treats

Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you can't appreciate a thoughtful gift every once in awhile. Give your guests the adult version of a loot bag by wrapping a chocolate truffle or small ornament in a paper box that also doubles as a place holder. We used an inexpensive plastic key tag (available at most business supply stores) as the name tag on our tiny treat box.


Flower stand
Take a cue from the fresh flowers in your centrepiece and create cards bursting with blooms. Print guests' names on card stock cut to size; using a hole punch, make a hole in the top corner of each card. Poke a single stem through the hole and into a filled water pick (ask your florist for some extras the next time you order flowers). No stand is needed for this design, as the water pick will prop up the card.



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Tabletop Ideas

Creative place card ideas