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Fig facts

Healthy, sweet and delicious figs are tasty on their own and easy to incorporate into your baking.

Three things you may not know about figs
  • They are the only fruit to fully ripen on the tree. When buying a fig, it should be soft not mushy and have a sweet and mild smell.
  • Only fig wasps ( 1⁄8 inch long) can pollinate figs and ensure fruit-bearing trees from year to year.
  • Some believe it was a fig and not an apple that was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

One great reason to eat more figs
  • Figs are rich in calcium, fibre and potassium—all important agents in regulating blood pressure and improving digestion.

Two ways to try figs right now
  • In a preserve: Add figs to your favourite strawberry jam recipe. There’s no need to peel the figs unless the skin is bruised.
  • In your signature holiday square: Dried figs are a sweet alternative to cranberries or dates.

Two types of figs to look for at your grocer
  • Black mission figs are the most readily available. Sweeter than honey, these teardrop-shaped figs are dark purple in colour and have a soft, red flesh ready for eating.
  • Calimyrna figs have a yellow skin and are often found dried. Their sweet flavour pairs well with prosciutto and a soft cheese.

One thing to remember at the market
  • Figs bruise and spoil easily. Keep refrigerated for a day or two until ready to eat.

Two fig creations to tempt your taste buds
  • The Caramelized Onion   Fig Compote from Lindsey Shaw Kitchens, perfect for an impromptu crackers and cheese party. 
  • Le Pain Quotidien’s decadent, yummy Fig Tartine.

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