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How to: Make the perfect cup of tea

Learn how to make the perfect cup of tea, plus find trendy tea accessories that can bring style to traditional tea parties.

Fine bone china and pinky fingers poised daintily in the air may not be everyone’s cup of tea. So why not put a modern twist on this beloved tradition and create a new and stylish way to serve a perfectly steeped cup of afternoon tea?

Even though accessories may change over the years, the founding principle of a pot of tea remains the same. It’s an opportunity to get together with loved ones and enjoy a peppy pick-me-up, a chance for riveting conversation and a way to soothe otherwise chaotic days. While some believe that making tea is as simple as throwing a bag into some hot water, the truth is that achieving the perfect brew requires a bit more precision.

How to: Make the perfect cup of tea

Boil water.

2  Once water is boiled, pour a ¼ cup into the empty teapot and swirl around until the entire surface has been coated. This warms the teapot, which will help enhance the tea’s flavour and entire tea-tasting experience.

3  Place tea bag in teapot.

4  Add remaining hot water until the teapot is filled and leave to brew. After three to five minutes, stir gently with a spoon and remove teabag to avoid over steeping.

5  If you take your tea with milk, pour milk into teacup before anything else. Bone china cups are preferable, as they help keep the beverage warmer for longer.

6  Pour brewed tea into cup and stir so milk and tea combine. Then add additional sweeteners, such as sugar or honey, if desired.

7  Sit, sip and enjoy.

As with any kind of food or drink, preparation pays off. The perfect cup of tea takes a bit of patience! Offering health benefits, relaxation and a delicious taste, it’s no wonder that tea has been one of the most popular drinks in the world for centuries.

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