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Radiant rhubarb

Cooking with rhubarb doesn't have to be limited to just pies.

4 things you may not know about rhubarb

  • An established patch of rhubarb can actively produce for more than 20 years.
  • Rhubarb is a relative of buckwheat.
  • Rhubarb leaves are poisonous, and rhubarb is never eaten raw.
  • It’s sometimes called 'pie plant' because it’s so often used in pies.

1 tip you can't live without

  • Main-crop rhubarb is much coarser than early rhubarb. Try freezing early rhubarb to last through the year. Chop stalks and place in heavy-duty freezer bags.

1 thing to remember at the grocery store

  • Fresh stalks are crisp and flat. Avoid stalks that are turning from pink to green.

3 ways to try rhubarb right now

  • Beat the heat with chilled rhubarb and orange soup.
  • Try rhubarb chutney on the side with a Sunday pot roast.
  • Mix rhubarb with sour cream in batter for summery pink muffins.

2 tools to get the most out of rhubarb

  • A vegetable peeler to remove brown spots and strings from fibrous stalks.
  • Sandi Vitt and Michael Hickman's cookbook, Rhubarb: More Than Just Pies.

3 varieties of rhubarb to cultivate

  • Crimson Cherry (very red)
  • Victoria (speckled pink)
  • Riverside Giant (green)

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