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Event planner and blogger Eden Passante shares the secrets to creating an unforgettable fall feast.

Every year my husband and I, with our best friends, head to the beautiful countryside to enjoy the fall weather, the upcoming holidays and a "pre-celebration" of the things we're thankful for ... friends, family and food! 

We recently just returned from our annual trip to Paso Robles (the gorgeous wine country only a few hours from Los Angeles) and this year, I wanted to design a special fall dinner outside at HammerSky Vineyards. Entertaining doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, so I designed and created all of the little details to make sure our dinner would be fabulous ... and it was. {For more great ideas, check out my blog!}

apple-bucket.jpg Apple picking
Creating wooden signs is a unique way to label items and areas for a dinner party or event. You can easily make your own by purchasing an inexpensive wood-burning tool, flat piece of wood and either a charcoal stick or carbon transfer paper. Print out what you want the sign to say in your favourite font. Use either the carbon transfer paper or charcoal to transfer the design on the wood. Apply to your area of choice on the wood, then use the wood burning tool to trace what you just transferred. You can create designs or words - be careful not to burn anything but the wood, though!

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