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Oscar party ideas

From decor to cocktails to appetizers, we have everything you need to throw a fabulous Oscar party.

oscar-party-ideas-oscars.jpgHow to: Plan a fab Oscar party
Gather some friends for an over-the-top Oscar extravaganza that will be the envy of the water cooler crowd the morning after.

oscar-party-ideas-hollywood.jpgThe ultimate Hollywood-style party
Lesle Gibson, founder of three L.A. celebrity hotspots, dishes on how to plan an A-list party in time for Hollywood’s awards season.

oscar-party-ideas-style.jpgEntertaining with style
Be the perfect host or hostess with simple suggestions for making your next dinner party a smashing success.

oscar-party-ideas-easy-entertain.jpgEasy entertaining
Entertaining a group doesn't have to be stressful. Check out our helpful hosting hints.

oscar-party-ideas-essentials.jpg10 entertaining essentials
Everything you need on hand to welcome unexpected guests in style.

oscar-party-ideas-recessionista.jpgThe recessionista's guide to: Entertaining
10 ways to entertain with style -- and on a budget!

oscar-party-ideas-perfect-party.jpgHow to: Plan the perfect party
Fabulous foodie and cookbook author Trish Magwood demystifies the art of the dinner party.

oscar-party-idea-instant-party.jpgInstant party
Secrets for planning the perfect party with poise and panache.

oscar-party-ideas-at-home-bar.jpgHow to: Set up an at-home bar
Serve up swanky drinks at your next soirée with a well-stocked bar. But, please, no juggling à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail on your first go!

oscar-party-ideas-cookies-cream.jpgRecipe: Cookies 'n' cream cocktail
Smooth and nutty with a hint of cinnamon, this cocktail has all the flavour of a freshly baked cookie, sans the crumbs.

oscar-party-idea-hazelnut.jpgRecipe: Hazelnut truffle cocktail
Chocolate and hazelnut -- a match made in heaven. These flavours combine for an elegant ending to your dinner party.

oscar-party-ideas-pomtini.jpgRecipe: Pomegranate cocktail
This cocktail not only tastes delicious, but is good for you too!

oscar-party-ideas-kiwi-kiss.jpgDrink recipe: Kiwi kiss
Lemon and the tart freshness of kiwi fruit come together in this refreshingly crisp cocktail.

oscar-party-ideas-poblano.jpgRecipe: Blackberry-poblano martini
This purple drink is made to be super-sweet!

oscar-party-ideas-blush-punch.jpgDrink recipe: Blush pink
This non-alcoholic drink combines pink lemonade and cranberry juice to give it a refreshing taste.

oscar-party-ideas-easy-apps.jpgRecipe: 3 easy, elegant appetizers
Three appetizer recipes that are quick and easy to make. Perfect when you're entertaining a crowd!

oscar-party-ideas-caprese.jpgRecipe: Piccolo Caprese picks with quick basil aioli
The beloved Italian salad goes mini-on-a-pick.

oscar-party-ideas-tartlets.jpgRecipe: Sweet roasted red pepper tartlets
Spicy eggplant and sweet peppers combine with creamy ricotta to make a delicious appetizer.

oscar-party-ideas-crab-dip.jpgRecipe: Fresh crab and avocado dip with crispy tortillas
This recipe is simple yet elegant and makes an easy appetizer when you're serving guests in a hurry.

oscar-party-ideas-spring-rolls.jpgRecipe: Fresh rolls with spicy almond dipping sauce
Try these healthy and delicious fresh rolls for a light dinner or appetizer.

oscar-party-ideas-bacon-dates.jpgRecipe: Crispy bacon-wrapped stuffed dates
Bring a little Spanish flavour to this delicious appetizer.

oscar-party-ideas-bruschetta.jpgRecipe: Donna Hay's roasted garlic bruschetta
Three easy steps is all it takes to make this delicious appetizer by Donna Hay.

oscar-party-ideas-shrimp-skewers.jpgRecipe: Shrimp skewers with herb sauce
This recipe is for sizzling on the raclette grill top. If you can’t get lemon balm, try substituting fresh mint.

oscar-party-ideas-crostini.jpgRecipe: Crostini with Gulf shrimp, jalapeno, and lime
The delicate flavour of this shrimp topping is enhanced with colourful accents, making it as good to look at as it is to eat.

oscar-party-ideas-viet-shrimp.jpgRecipe: Vietnamese shrimp pops with peanut sauce
Fire up the grill for these simply scrumptious shrimp skewers.

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