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Delicious cupcake recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with any of these decadent cupcakes!

Cupcake recipes

Recipe: Double fudge chocolate cupcakes

These classic cupcakes have an amazing deep chocolate flavour and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Recipe: Chocolate cupcakes

This vegan chocolate treat will have your mouth watering for more.

Recipe: Colourful cupcakes
There's something very cheering about cupcakes, whether beautifully decorated like those in stylish bakeries, or studded with Smarties by creative kids.

Recipe: Lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting
Lemons are always in season and these lemon cupcakes are ready to party, to picnic, to lunch, or to take part in any happy occasion.

Recipe: Sticky upside-down cupcakes
Whipped cream or ice cream is a good accompaniment for these cupcakes.

Recipe: Bobby Flay's gingerbread cupcakes
Gingerbread gets a yummy makeover with mango buttercream.

Recipe: Mini snowball cupcakes
Make delicious 2-bite treats with these vanilla mini cupcakes.

Recipe: Mini chocoholic cupcakes
Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these mini chocoholic cupcakes.

Recipe: Mini peanut butter cupcakes
Indulge in a decadent mix of chocolate and peanut butter with these mini peanut butter cupcakes.

Recipe: Cupcake bites
Oh-so-cute and delicious too, these cupcake bites are a homerun hit at any birthday party.

Recipe: Mini gingerbread cupcakes
These cute little gingerbread cupcakes are the perfect treat for your next holiday party.

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