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Delicious sandwich recipes

Try a tasty new take on the classic sandwich with these flavourful recipes.

Tired of eating the same old sandwiches? Looking for ways to spice it up and pack it full of flavour? We've got you covered with these delicious sandwich recipes. Your lunch meals will no longer be boring when you take these to work and your kids will love these tasty delights!

sandwich-recipes-cheese.jpgMini grilled cheese sandwiches with fig and onion jam
Serve mini grilled cheese sandwiches with a twist by adding a sweet and savoury fig and onion jam.

sandwich-recipes-focaccia.jpgMuffaletta focaccia sandwiches
Tantalize your taste buds with these delicious muffaletta focaccia sandwiches.

sandwich-recipes-goat.jpgBeet and goat cheese sandwiches
These small gourmet sandwiches pack a flavourful punch that guests won't be able to resist.

sandwich-recipes-tuna.jpgOpen-face tuna nicoise stacks
Put a twist on traditional appetizers and serve these open-faced tuna stacks at your next party.

sandwich-recipes-banana.jpgBanana bread sandwich
Revamp banana bread into a savoury yet sweet recipe that's good for breakfast or dessert.

sandwich-meta-artisanal-grilled-.jpgRecipe: Artisanal grilled cheese
Reinvent the classic grilled cheese and turn it into a decadent open face sandwich.

sandwich-meta-smokedtrout.jpgRecipe: Smoked trout sandwich with green apple and gouda

Sandwiches don't need to be complicated to be delicious. A few quality ingredients make this smoked trout sandwich simply delectable.

sandwich-meta-croissant.jpgRecipe: Croissant sandwich

Add a little breakfast flair to your lunch by combining smoked salmon with a croissant.

sandwich-meta-roast-turkey-avoca.jpgRecipe: Roasted turkey with avocado and bacon

Thanksgiving leftovers are just as delish the next day with this turkey and avocado sandwich.

sandwich-meta-Foie-Gras-Breakfas.jpgRecipe: Foie gras breakfast sandwich

A fancy foie gras breakfast option that is unbelievably easy.

sandwich-meta-turkey-brie-apple.jpgRecipe: Turkey, brie and apple on raisin walnut bread

Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into savoury sandwiches with turkey, brie and apple.

sandwich-meta-curriedchicken.jpgRecipe: Curried chicken salad sandwich

Try a savoury twist on chicken salad with this sandwich recipe.

Lead image by Ed Anderson.

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