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Nigella's Christmas puddini bonbons

Give the sweetest gift this holiday season with these yummy bonbons from Nigella Lawson.

I know there aren't many sweet things in this chapter -- strictly speaking only two -- but that is mainly because, as I suggested in the introduction, there are lots of sweet treats, just waiting to be wrapped and beribboned. And the truth is, apart from baking, making sweets is a lot harder than making savoury edible presents. These bonbons, however, are almost alarmingly easy. I was inspired by a picture I saw in The Australian Women's Weekly, fell in love with their cuteness and had to have a go myself. This isn't quite their recipe, but the idea -- and the decoration -- is the same, which is to say, these are delectable little truffley bonbons made by mixing up cold Christmas pudding, liquor, syrup and melted chocolate, rolling them into small balls, then melting white chocolate over them and arranging small pieces of red and green glacé cherries on top to make them look like miniature Christmas puddings themselves.

I made this just after last Christmas, using some leftover pudding, foilwrapped and waiting to be gratifyingly recycled (though you could buy a mini one, microwave it and leave it to get cold) and adding a slug of my beloved Pedro Ximenez -- since that was the alcohol I'd originally put into the pudding -- and an ooze of golden syrup before compacting it with melted dark chocolate, but you could just as easily add rum or brandy and, as the original recipe also does, 40g icing sugar.

The hard part -- in the sense that you need superhuman patience, rather than any special skills -- is dripping over the melted white chocolate and snipping the cherries and arranging them to evoke a sprig of berried holly. I am not really cut out for this work, and you will curse my name as you do it, but, afterwards, you will be thrilled with what you've done.

And, although they look like baby Christmas puddings, they taste like meltingly rich, spiced chocolate truffles. These babies have got everything going for them.


  • 125g best-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped
  • 350g leftover, or freshly cooked and cooled, Christmas pudding
  • 60ml sherry
  • 2 x 15ml tablespoons golden syrup


  • 100g white chocolate, finely chopped
  • 6 red glacé cherries
  • 6 green glacé cherries, or 6 short lengths angelica
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