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Savoury and sweet tart recipes

Try any of these scrumptious tart recipes for a tasty treat.

Looking for a new take on the old-fashioned tart? How about adding spices, vegetables or even good old chocolate to the filling? Try any of these recipes for a variation on the traditional tarts for a sweet tooth craving or even as an appetizing hors d'oeuvre. Still prefer the classics? We've got you covered for those, too!

Savoury tart recipes

Recipe: Artichoke-rosemary tart with polenta crust
Try this artichoke and rosemary tart made with a delicious polenta crust.

Recipe: Sweet and sour vegetable tart
A variety of spices make this veggie dish a healthy treat.

Recipe: Sweet potato tart with walnut crust
The rich, crunchy walnut base elevates the subtle sweetness of this classic dish.

tart-meta-redpepper.jpgRecipe: Sweet roasted pepper tartlets
Spicy eggplant and sweet peppers combine with creamy ricotta to make a delicious appetizer.

Sweet tart recipes

Recipe: Old-fashioned butter tarts
Butter tarts are a Canadian favourite and we've got a classic recipe to curb your craving.

Recipe: Frangipane tart
This custard-filled tart is so delectable with a sweet and tart combination of berries.

Recipe: Raspberry-brown butter-creme fraiche tart
This raspberry tart will satisfy the sweet cravings of any fruit lover!

Recipe: Chocolate tart
This is a sophisticated dessert to end a late-night dinner with friends.

Recipe: Classic lemon tart
This classic lemon tart gives you best of both worlds -- the tartness of lemon and the sweetness of sugar.

Recipe: Walnut tart and taffy ice cream
Serve this nutty walnut tart and taffy ice cream at your next gathering and it'll soon become a tradition.

tart-meta-rasp-lemon.jpgRecipe: Raspberry and Meyer lemon cream tart

A fruity feast for the senses featuring a pucker-up-and-kiss-me combination of tart and sweet.

tart-meta-mascarpone.jpgRecipe: Fresh berry tart and honey mascarpone
Summer berries and honey mascarpone fill this delicious tart.

tart-meta-bittersweet-chocolate.jpgRecipe: Marmalade and bittersweet chocolate tart
A perfect treat to accompany a hot cup of tea, these chocolate tarts step it up with a zesty mandarin flavour.

tart-meta-tartlet.jpgRecipe: Lemon cream tartlets with wild forest berries

This berry-licious dessert is full of European charm.

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