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Classic elegant tabletop

Dress your table with a simple elegance that will wow your guests.

For a special occasion, pull out all the stops and dress your table up to the nines. You don't need fine china and crystal glasses (though if you have them, make the most of them) -- the key to a beautiful table is how you dress it, not what you dress it with. Do the groundwork first: polish the table, buff up the dining chairs and throw on a beautiful cloth or runner. Getting the background right makes all the difference. Then choose a colour scheme -- a pale, sugared-almond palette is best for easy-on-the-eye elegance.

Elegant tabletop
This tabletop is the perfect example of how texture and colour can bring a table to life. Vibrant touches of pink and green lift the calm, neutral tones of the room, while textured papers and fabrics add subtle pattern to the scheme.

Pretty placemats
Tweak a conventional table setting to make it your own. Here, placemats have been laid vertically rather than horizontally to give a softer look to the table.



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