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Decorative Hanukkah dessert ideas

Dress your Hanukkah tabletop with these fun and festive decorative dessert ideas!

Whether you go handmade or store-bought, just a few simple touches can make your treats irresistably tempting. Use these colourful and festive decorative dessert ideas to dress up your Hanukkah tabletop!

Turquoise-glazed sufaniyot
Reinforce your Hanukkah party theme colours with this festive take on the traditional fried doughnut delight.

During Hanukkah, we eat a lot of fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the burning oil lamp lasting eight days instead of one while the Holy Temple in ancient Jerusalem was under siege by Syrian-Greek emperor Antiochus. One such treat that is commonly served for dessert are powdered sugar jelly doughnuts, called “sufganiyot “in Hebrew.
To dress up your store-bought or homemade sufganiyot, glaze the tops in a brightly-hued icing to coordinate with your Hanukkah party theme colours (in this case, we used a turquoise colour). We dipped ours in a festive homemade turquoise icing made of icing sugar, milk and food colouring and sprinkled the tops with matching sanding sugar.
Helpful tip: If buying store-bought sufganiyot, order yours without the dusting of powdered sugar to ensure the icing goes on smoothly.
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