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Mix and match textures for an easy spring table setting.

By the time we hit April, Canadians are more than ready to embrace the onset of spring. And what better way to welcome the season than with a soft and pretty dinner party featuring a bevy of fleeting spring flavours.

Welcome spring
It’s only now, for a few weeks of the year (if we’re lucky!), that we can take advantage of the freshest morels, fiddleheads and ramps before they disappear. Here, we’re complementing their delicate earthy taste with ingredients that enhance, not overpower, and then dressing up the decor accordingly, with muted shades of blush and flax to set it all off with a sweet sense of sophistication. So choose your ingredients wisely, send an invitation to your friends and revel in the essential burgeoning bounty of the season's rejuvenation with spring tabletop ideas.

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