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Choose the best wine glasses

All wine glasses are not created equal. Bring out the best tastes and aromas of your wine by drinking from glasses that are made for the job.

Once you've picked your wine glasses, follow these few tips to properly care for your wine glasses. These delicate wineglasses require gentle care. With their GlassCare function, Miele dishwashers are ideal for gently cleaning your stemware. Adjustable baskets mean glasses fit securely in both the upper and lower levels.

A medium bowl allows you to take in the layers of aromas. The wide rim directs wine to the edges of the tongue, where subtle acidity and fruitiness meet in perfect harmony. Riedel Sommeliers Montrachet wineglass, $95.

A large bowl provides breathing space and allows aromas to unfold. The rim is shaped to deliver the wine to the front of the palate, which picks up acidity and supple tannins. Bordeaux wineglasses, $153 each.

The flared rim directs the wine to the front of the tongue, where it finds a balance of fruit flavours and acidity. Bourgogne Grand Cru wineglasses, $153 each.

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