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Sensational summer wine and cocktails

Enjoy our wonderful selection of summer wine and cocktail recipes that are sure to help you relax and beat the heat.

Whatever your beverage of choice, we've got all you need to know for sensational summer sipping!

Summer wine selections

Summer sipping

Light, crisp, juicy wines, perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.

What better way to celebrate our all-too-short alfresco season than with a little party? Whether your taste and budget run to catering a lavish cinq à sept under the setting sun in the back garden, or just sparking the 'cue and having friends over for wine and a casual lunch on the balcony, wining and dining outdoors is a treat in Canada. Which begs the question, What to uncork? Just as we change our clothes to suit the weather, I look to different corners of my wine cellar as the seasons change. During fall and winter, I turn to wines with rich, robust flavours, and solid body and balance to match the heartier foods we tend to eat. For summer drinking, I enjoy light, crisp, juicy wines -- with lighter body, lower alcohol and a refreshing bite of acidity -- so welcome at this time of year.

Winning wines

The authors of Have a Glass debunk some wine myths and help simplify your selection at the liquor store.

Fear. Agony. Indecision. Those are just some words that may describe your state upon entering a liquor store. But according to the authors of a new book on wine appreciation, selecting the right wine for your holiday entertaining is as simple as popping the cork.

Canada's favourite wines

Find out which wines have shaped the Canadian palate in the past 10 years.

The wine consumer can be awfully fickle. Witness the sudden change in drinking patterns that occurred after a widely viewed episode of 60 Minutes, broadcast in November 1991, suggested that despite a richer, fattier diet, French wine drinkers had fewer heart attacks because they consumed red wine. Within days, retailers began to notice more purchases of red wine.

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