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Wine & spirits: All-Canadian drink list

Wine and spirits expert Konrad Ejbich recommends four delicious Canadian drinks.

For farm-fresh harvest fare, wine and spirits expert Konrad Ejbich recommends an all-Canadian drink list, complete with artisanal wines and liqueur made from whisky and maple syrup. After all, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to raise a glass to good food and good fortune. Wine-Nova.jpg
Pairing Nova 7
To begin, Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge has the palest coral colour, a wildly inviting bouquet of rosewater, ginger, pineapple and clove, and a tiny kiss of sweetness for balance in the finish. So immediately appealing is this spritz, some diners may be tempted to hang onto their glass throughout the meal. Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia, $25.

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