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Wine & spirits: Revival of rose

Thanks to changing tastes, roses are enjoying a revival.

Who said pink wines must be reserved for summer? Whoever you are, know this: we’ve stopped listening. Wine aficionados all over the world are rejecting a number of old notions about rosés. The result? Growing sales, and wines showing up in restaurants and wine shops.

In France, roses have overtaken whites in sales. Pink wines traditionally have been looked upon by French wine snobs as merely good enough to accompany bad lunches at the beach. But young drinkers are eschewing the complexities of learning all the different grapes, regions and special producers of the world. While young consumers still drink reds with meals, rosés are enjoyed as aperitifs or at anytime.

Across the channel, blush wines from California alone now make up 5% of the entire British wine market. Once considered the official beverage of summer picnics, parties and barbecues, rose has become a popular yearround drink in Britain and beyond.

Selection in Canada has grown steadily over the past few summers. Watch for more year-round listings as liquor retailers respond to changing markets and tastes.

Roses don't age very well, as they lack all the required tannins that preserve red wine. So buy the youngest ones available and only stock up for a few months at a time


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