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Wine glasses: The essentials

Wine expert James Cluer helps navigate the wide world of wine glasses.

In order to truly experience all that a fine wine has to offer, the proper glass is a necessity. Professional wine consultant and owner of Fine Vintage James Cluer, one of three in Canada to have earned a prestigious Masters of Wine, lays out the three essential types of wine glasses and shares his tips and best practices.

1 The basics
The shape of a glass is of great importance when enjoying a glass of wine. A wine's colour, taste and aromas are all heightened by the proper vessel. There are an overwhelming variety of wine glasses on offer these days but don't be fooled into thinking that you need to buy a different glass for every type of wine. For red wines, James uses a Bordeaux red wine glass by Riedel. $25 (for a set of 2) Riedel.

James Cluer's Tasting Tip: If you are skeptical of a glass' ability to enhance the wine drinking experience, pour yourself two small glasses of the same wine; one in a coffee mug and the other in the appropriate wine glass. You should be able to smell and taste the difference.


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