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Tony Aspler

10 rules for storing your wine to ensure maximum flavour and enjoyment.

1 Lay bottles down so that the corks are always wet.

2 Maintain a constant temperature (10-13° Celsius). Don’t place near heating ducts or pipes.

3 Choose a north wall to avoid summer heat.

Ensure some humidity and air circulation.

5 Avoid the kitchen (especially above a fridge): temperatures constantly rise and fall.

6 Avoid areas near vibrating machines (e.g., washers, dryers, power tools): the massaging action will prematurely age the wine.

7 Keep away from strong smells (e.g., paints, cleaning fluids) that could taint the wine.

8 Ensure the area is dark. Bright light will oxidize wine.

9 Store white wines and red wines for long aging nearest the floor, where a room is coolest.

10 Apartment dwellers, use your bedroom closet.  It’s dark and quiet.
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