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Learn how to hang a wreath depending on the type of door you have.

You can decorate your door without making a hole-y mess. Modern doors that thwart burglars and drafts often inhibit wreath hanging, too. Unless you have a wooden door adorned with enough dents and scuffs to hide yet another hole, more cunning tools are needed than a mere hammer and nail.

A windowed door with extensive glazing might seem like a real challenge, but a two-part hanger consisting of an outside knob held against the glass by a strong magnet placed on the inside, such as the Hanger Knob from Lee Valley, will hold up to three pounds (1.5 kg), so you can simply suspend the wreath from the knob with ribbon.

If you've got a wooden door, hammer a flat-headed metal tack into the top edge (check that the door still opens and closes as usual). As you tap in the tack, punch through one end of a length of wide, festive ribbon (fold the end over to avoid a tear), then tie it in a bow around your wreath.

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