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Increase your home's curb appeal

Key tips to keep in mind whether you're selling or redecorating your home.

What is curb appeal? Old houses, with details like stained-glass windows and finely crafted trim, exude curb appeal. But any house, with the right mix of appropriate and well-maintained architectural elements, can have curb appeal. To pragmatic real estate agents, it's money in the bank – in your account and theirs! No matter how it's defined, you know it when you see it. If you look at a house and say, “Wow!”—that's curb appeal.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canadians plan to spend on average more than $10,200 this year, and nearly seven per cent of renovators plan to spend more than $25,000. The most popular renovation activity? Exterior repairs.

In the end, curb appeal isn't hard to achieve. It's simply the unmistakable charm that any well-kept, well-loved home can exude. A home like yours.


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