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Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home

In Vancouver, a family of five enjoys the good life at home, from its lounge-luring deck to its cheer-you-up decor.

Schvitz much during the summer? Colette Soros doesn’t. Rather than plunking herself in front of a fan, she simply slides open the accordion-style glass doors off her kitchen to let the breeze flow in from her south-facing backyard. “When the weather is beautiful in Vancouver, I truly believe it’s the best place on Earth,” she says.

Of course, it helps that her backyard is designed for the trifecta of good living: barbecues, basking and beverages. She enjoys all three on the deck – weather permitting – with her husband, Tim Barr, and their three children, Tate, 9, Jasper, 6, and Willow, 4. The four-bedroom bungalow (the kids’ rooms are in the stylish basement) is also home to a pair of furniturescaling pets: Pepe the dog and Neko the cat.
The Vancouver family

Colette, her husband, Tim Barr, and their children (from left), Tate, Willow and Jasper, are all smiles when they sit basking in the sun on their much-used deck.

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