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How to: Move the staircase

Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV's Income Property, shows us how to move a staircase in order for a home to work to its potential!

If you think that moving your staircase is like moving a mountain, think again. While I won’t deny that it’s a big job, it can make all the difference to the flow of your home. So, before you completely wave off the idea, read some of the benefits below. The results can be well worth the effort and the investment.

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On the move
You wouldn’t think twice about removing walls to open up a room, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that moving your stairs can foster the same result. If you’re gutting your interior, this is the ideal time to consider a change of floorplan. If you aren’t planning a major home renovation, be prepared for a big job that may involve reviewing how your home is supported. Builders and contractors will often quote on the easiest and most cost-effective solution but if you think outside the box, assessing the flow of your home and how the stairs relate can be a good lesson.

Open it up
If you want to open up your interior but don’t want to absorb the cost of moving your whole staircase, taking down the walls of an existing stairwell can have a huge impact. There is also the option to replace traditional stairs with a spiral or floating style to add architectural interest to your home. Opening up a stairwell can bring in natural light and create the illusion of more space. It’s an idea especially worth thinking about for smaller houses.
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