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Margot Austin

Senior design editor Margot Austin picks a crib that will grow with your child and finds good-looking grab bars.

We’re expecting our first baby in March, and I’m already excited and a bit confused about decorating the nursery. The first thing we need to figure out is the crib. I haven’t a clue what to look for in a good one. Any tips? - CATHY JAMES, TORONTO

A There are so many great options on the market today. While I love the design statements made by cribs from companies like Nurseryworks and Oeuf, I also think the handsome new breed of convertible cribs is a great investment. My favourite is the Sutton Nursery collection conversion crib from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child (shown above). The lines of this crib are clean and classic, so neither you nor your child will tire of the shape over the years. By purchasing a conversion kit, you can transform the crib into a toddler bed when the time comes. Later, you can use the headboard with a full-size bed (you’ll need to get a metal frame and mattress). And much later, you can upholster the headboard to create your own guest bed in your child’s home, so you’re all set when you go to visit your grandchildren. Imagine that!

askus0109bar.jpgWe live in a garden suite in a seniors’ complex. We’re renovating our bathroom and would like to have some grab bars installed. 
Are they available to the public? Are there any that don’t look so institutional?

A You'll find grab bars in the bath accessories section of any big-box store. Some are still pretty basic in design, but they’re getting better. If you want to splurge, I recently found this gorgeous example, at left, by a company called Jaclo. They come in nine sizes and 18 different finishes, and you can also order them in different configurations, like an L or T shape.


Nursery image courtesy of Restoration Hardware.

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