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Senior design editor Margot Austin helps homeowners warm up a blue bedroom, update tired kitchens and choose a comfy, pet-friendly sectional.

Q: I'd like to decorate my bedroom in shades of blue but don't want it to be cold looking. The room faces south onto green trees. Do you have any suggestions to keep some warmth in the palette? A. T., VIA E-MAIL

A: Decorating a bedroom with blue is a natural, since it can create a serene and restful mood. To keep things cosy rather than cool, balance the blues with equal doses of neutral colours, touchable textures, and furniture in rich chocolaty brown wood fi nishes. For inspiration, look at this beautiful bedroom featuring the Thomas O’Brien furniture collection for Hickory Chair. The room is grounded with a warm neutral carpet and includes graceful floor-to-ceiling draperies, and shades of cream, beige and blue throughout. Since your room overlooks trees, by all means include green accents like leaf botanical prints or celadon ceramic lamps.

designsolution-2-backsplash.jpgQ: I'm thinking about putting a mirrored backsplash on the stove wall in my kitchen. The cabinets and counters will stay the same, and the appliances will be stainless steel. Can we cut and glue on a mirror ourselves? SHAWNA WILLEMS, MAPLE RIDGE, B.C.

A: A mirrored backsplash sounds fab. It will give your kitchen a touch of glamour and a New York apartment feel. I think you should install the mirror from the countertop to right under the upper cabinets on both the stove side and the sink side. Installing it on just one wall would look like a mistake. If you want to do it yourself, look for mirror tiles that you can attach using mirror adhesive. (Try home centres and tile supply places). A word of caution: a mirrored backsplash will reflect everything on the countertop, so keep items to a minimum and make sure that what's there is attractive enough that you want to see two of it.

Main image courtesy of Hickory Chair. 


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