Colourful furniture bookshelves
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Nina Teixeira

Slideshow: Colourful furniture

Samantha Pynn and Andrea Ford

Isn't it amazing how a little bit of paint, fabric and ingenuity can transform a piece of furniture from dated to divine? Here, STYLE AT HOME used fresh shades of highgloss paint overtop all-purpose interior/exterior Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer to give a new-again look to garden furniture that had been languishing in storage for far too long. Best of all, the rejuvenated pieces look just as pretty indoors as out.

A bookshelf painted zesty orange takes a new role as a bar
Wall-mounted shelves extend the height of the bar and provide storage for glassware. Paint, Goldfish A10, Martha Stewart Everyday Colors, Canadian Tire. Nexxt Shelf Help reversible nesting shelves in white, $20 per set of three sizes (large shown), Linea Marketing. Leonardo vase, $105, Ma Zone Home Decor. Classic bar set, $55, Torre & Tagus Designs. Classic shaker, $19, Caban. Martini glasses, $6 each, tumblers, $5 each, The Bay. Dansk lowballs, $8 each, Scantrade International.


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