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DIY holiday gift guide

DIY holiday gift guide Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

DIY holiday gift guide

Making gifts for your loved ones is a great way to save money and also to show how much you really care. Whether you're looking to make a gift for a foodie friend or your sports-crazed father, these 10 DIY gift ideas will muster the creativity within.

1 For the craft lover (or soon-to-be!) Grab a starter scrapbook with basic black pages. Decorate the first page with a title theme (eg. '2010' or 'Family and Friends') and a favourite photo, leaving the rest of the pages blank. Wrap the album, including a pair of scissors, a ruler, some peel-and-stick photo corners, double-sided tape and a gold or silver pen. It's the recipe for a classic album that even the least crafty person can enjoy.   

2 For the locavore With the growing trend to eat locally and organically, a set of home-made natural preservatives will definitely go far. If you're receiver isn’t a jam fan, why not try salsas and pickles or flavoured oils and extracts? Brand your gift with personalized patterns or with labels, so your gift isn't just delicious, it's decorative, too.

3 For the new homeowner Make a new gem of old junk by refinishing a piece of discarded furniture. Visit a second-hand or junk furniture store (or your own storage room) and pick up a strong, wooden fixer-upper. Breathe new life into a roughed-up frame or mirror, a small bench or an old crate, strip it down to its natural wood, or paint it and stencil on a funky pattern or image. This gift will require a strong sanding arm and a double layer of paint, but the end result is something you won't find in stores.

4 For the foodie Pass on a favourite family recipe in a decorative cookie tin, purchased or decorated yourself. Pack in all non-perishable ingredients needed, along with a nicely-printed recipe card and a note saying what other ingredients need to be added.

5 For the sports fan Part of the Vancouver 2010 trademark and a symbol of our heritage, the Inukshuk makes a natural, ornamental and uniquely Canadian addition to the outdoor landscape. You can make it yourself with rocks simply stacked in the correct order. More than a great gift and piece of art, it's a creative way to show support for our Olympic athletes.  

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6 For the new mom A warm throw for a winter-born baby is a lovely gift for the new mom. This argyle fleece throw is easy to make with light stitching and only a handful of required materials, making a classic, cozy Christmas prezzie.

7 For the traditionalist After the holidays have settled down, everyone needs a set of 'thank you' cards to send to gift-givers. Create a unique set of 10-15 cards and envelopes, wrapped in a small box for friends who prefer say ‘thank you’ the personal, old-school way.

8 For the gamer
Board game magnets are more than a playful kitchen addition, they're a great way to put the remaining pieces of old board games to good use. Just glue magnets on the back of Scrabble tiles, colourful Sorry pieces or Trivial Pursuit pie pieces and wrap in a retro box or gift bag.

9 For the cottager Road signs are quintessential cottage markers, so why not make a rustic addition? Grab an old slab of wood and sand it down. Paint a base, stencil on the lettering and finally, lightly sand the final project or cover in crackle paint to give it that old cottage charm.  

10 For the entertainer For your holiday hostess, pair a bottle of wine with some home-made wine glass charms. Pick up jewellery rings, beads and charms at a craft store and create the unique charms. Choose your overall theme, but make each charm different so your hostess will know which glass belongs to which guest.



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DIY Projects

DIY holiday gift guide