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Every month, we help you solve your most asked about home decor and housekeeping dilemmas, offering DIY solutions and eco-friendly cleaning tips and tricks to keep your home looking its best!

housekeeping-tips-tricks-pet.jpgHow to: Remove pet hair from upholstery
Remove pet hair from your upholstery with these helpful tips and tricks.

housekeeping-tips-tricks-gas.jpgHow to: Clean your gas range
Keep your gas range looking spotless with these helpful cleaning tips and tricks.

housekeeping-tips-tricks-ice.jpgHow to: De-ice outdoor steps and walkways
This winter, transform your outdoor steps and walkway from slippery to safe with these helpful de-icing tips and tricks.

housekeeping-tips-tricks-emerge.jpgHow to: Prepare your home for an emergency
Follow these simple, proactive measures to ensure your home is prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw your way.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-cassero.jpgClean casserole dishes
Restore your ovenware to its pristine glory with these helpful cleaning tips.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-sticker.jpgRemove stubborn price stickers
Removing pesky price stickers is easier than you may think, thanks to this helpful how-to.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-pet.jpgKeep a pet-friendly home fresh
Having a pet doesn't mean your house can't be spotless and clean-smelling. Find out how to keep your pet-friendly home fresh with these helpful tips.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-windows.jpgClean your windows
Crystal clear windows are within your reach with these helpful cleaning tips.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-clean.jpgClean your house inside and out
A room-by-room cleaning guide to help make your house sparkle from top to bottom.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-applian.jpgHow to save money by cleaning your appliances
Save money and increase your home's energy efficiency with these simple appliance cleaning tips.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-winter.jpgPrepare your home for winter
Get your home ready for winter living with these 7 must-do steps.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-kitchen.jpgEasy around-the-house projects on a budget
Learn how to budget for around-the-house projects that will improve your home’s look and function.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-mainten.jpg15 home maintenance tips
Tune up your home in 10 minutes or fewer with simple home maintenance tasks.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-allergy.jpgAllergy relief tricks and tips
Feeling those sniffles? Style at Home will help you relieve the season's allergies with helpful cleaning tips.

housekeeping-tricks-tips-air.jpgBuy an air conditioner
If you're in the market for an air conditioner, check out the most recent innovations

housekeeping-pots-metapage.jpg Clean tarnished copper cookware
Learn how to get your tarnished copper cookware looking like new with these helpful cleaning tips.

housekeeping-shower-metapage.jpgGet a shiny and clean shower head
Get your underperforming shower head back to working order with these simple and helpful tips.

housekeeping-windows-metapage.jpg Get spotless windows
Crystal clear windows are within your reach with these helpful cleaning tips.

housekeeping-sheets-metapage.jpgGet whiter-than-white sheets
Keep your bed linens looking first-use fresh with these helpful and eco-friendly laundry tips.

housekeeping-wallpaper-metapage.jpgFix bubbling wallpaper
Achieve perfectly smooth wallpaper and avoid any bubbly results with these helpful tips.

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