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Hotel style: Algodon Mansion, Buenos Aires

Natalie Bahadur

This converted 100-year-old mansion takes the idea of luxury boutique hotels to new heights.

When the Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires threw open its doors to the public in August 2010, it was further evidence of the boom in Argentina’s hotel industry. The 100-year-old mansion was transformed into a luxury boutique hotel by Gerhard Heusch of Heusch Inc., an LA-based architecture firm and all the public spaces and guest rooms were designed to perfection with the support of Buenos Aires-based architects Gonzalo Suarez Aboy and Lilibeth Scotto.

Dying to learn more about the stunning design of this luxurious hotel, we checked in with Gerhard to find out where the inspiration originated. How would you describe the look of the hotel bedrooms?
Gerhard Heusch:
Generous, glamorous, refined and elegant. What was the design inspiration for these rooms?
The inspiration came from the beauty and the proportions of some of the existing spaces. The designs differ because of the different sizes and spatial constraints that we were faced with in the different suites. Also each suite, even if they are the same in layout, has a unique selection of colours and fabrics within the same design theme that sets them apart. What makes these rooms special?
All the suites are spacious and have ample daylight and have custom designed details and furniture that cannot be found anywhere else. This begins with the unique Algodon (cotton) translucent glass at the entrance of the hotel, the waterwall and the 45 feet high suspended translucent glass divider in the lightwell, the design of the entrance doors to each suite and ends with most of the bathroom details.

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