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Bathroom organizing tips

Bathroom organizing tips Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

Bathroom organizing tips

When it comes to keeping one of the most-used rooms in your home, the beautiful bathroom, clean and functional, it all comes down to getting and keeping your bathroom organized. With so many people in and out of this room, and so many products, towels and small appliances making their way into the bathroom, it can turn into a place of chaos. But with our expert organizing tips from designer Rosemary Carbonara, you can get your bathroom completely organized and be able to easily access everything you need in just a few steps.

Bathroom organizing: Get started with these essentials
Before making sure everything is in its place, you’ll need to invest in a few items to keep things clean. If you’re starting your bathroom from scratch with a renovation or a new home, it’s the ideal time to create some special nooks and built-in organizational options that will make keeping your bathroom tidy much easier. Here are Rosemary’s organizing tips for clean and functional bathroom decor:

  • Opt for a soap dispenser rather than tray and a bar of soap to keep the sink area clean.
  • If you’re starting from scratch, have your vanity float off the floor so that mopping and cleaning is made easier and dirt does not pile up against the toe kick.
  • Install wire shelves in the corner or wall of your shower to keep soaps and shampoos off the shower floor. Or install a niche in your shower that can house showering products if you are adding a new tub or shower.
  • Have a medicine cabinet at the back of your mirror to house those small items. If you are starting from scratch, design it to be recessed into the wall with the mirror on front.
  • Make use of the space above the toilet with shallow shelves for storage of extra towels, washcloths, etc.
  • Have drawers in your cabinetry – always opt for drawers over doors for easy access and visibility of products and small appliances.

Keep reading for even more clever bathroom organizing tips. Keep products out of sight
Unless you have a beautifully bottled skincare product, soap or scent, the best way to keep you bathroom organized is to keep items off the counter or sink, and stored in cupboards, your linen closet or drawers. Organize your products by need (for example, tooth care products, skincare products, makeup, etc.) and be sure to keep items that you use on a daily basis in the easiest spot to access. Invest in dividers and compartments to help keep drawers sectioned off for specific items.

Keep towels and shower items accessible
Shelving is key when it comes to bathrooms, especially if you are cramped on space and have a small area to work with. Rosemary’s favourite place to make use of is above the toilet.

“Shallow shelves above the toilet are great for storing towels,” she says. If you can’t add shelving above the toilet, Rosemary recommends purchasing a seagrass- or leather hamper-like container with a lid to store towels or items you want to keep out of sight.

And, as mentioned above, shelving in a shower (especially a small stand-up shower) is essential for holding shampoos, conditioners, body wash and loofas. Built-in shelving is ideal, but wire-hanging shelves also fit nicely in showers and tubs.

Make the most of your linen closet
Keeping your linen closet organized is another way to make life easier when it comes to a tidy bathroom. An organized linen closet allows you to store products you don’t use every day in baskets or drawers in a place other than your bathroom. It’s the ideal place for extra towels, cleaning products and small appliances such as curling irons and flat irons. Just make sure you keep it as tidy as your bathroom!

Here are five beautiful bathroom items that will help keep your bathroom organized. bathroom-organization-dispenser.jpg
Soap dispenser
Keep your soap in a stylish place with this silver metallic soap dispenser. IKEA, $14.99. bathroom-organization-curtain.jpg
Towel rack
Decorating with towels can be very effective, especially if you put them on display on a gorgeous silver wall-mounted rack like this. Pottery Barn, $88.29. bathroom-organization-rack.jpg
Glass shelves
Learning to style open shelves is a wonderful way to add interest and storage to any space -- even the bathroom. Pottery Barn, $263.30. bathroom-organization-drawers.jpg
Bamboo drawer organizers
Keep hair ties, brushes, creams and makeup all neat and tidy in this well designed drawer organizer. This can help update the bathroom drawers! Crate and Barrel, $4.42 - $15.08. bathroom-organization-hamper.jpg
Laundry hamper
Keep dirty towels and clothes out of site with one of these sleek home decor accessories. West Elm, $104.13.

Find more bathroom storage solutions to keep your space organized.


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Organizing Ideas

Bathroom organizing tips