Jan 30, 2009

Home & Garden Makeover Contest: 10 entries we love!

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Jan 30, 2009

Home & Garden Makeover Contest: 10 entries we love!

By: recently held a Home & Garden Makeover Contest that generated a lot of interest from people all across Canada. Thank you for your interest and avid participation! While readers like you determined this contest's winners, we went through all the entries and found some contenders that we absolutely loved, too. So here's a sampling of wonderful makeovers that we think deserve a second look!

If you have makeover pictures you want to share, please drop into our forums ( and add them there. We’d love to see them!

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"As I'm a true believer in making old and dull pieces look new and fabulous, we didn’t actually buy anything for this makeover other than the couch." - Tiffany Lester



makeover2.jpgENTRY 2

"The day after be bought this house we began the first stage of our renovation - demolition! We ripped up all the flooring, removed the cabinets, and bashed the wall out between the kitchen and dining room." - Joseph Jutras





“When our second child was born, my husband and I decided that a complete DIY kitchen reno was in order since the severe lack of cupboard and counter space of our 1970s-style kitchen was no longer functional for a family of four.  We did lots of research on kitchen design and products and asked the experts we bought our products from how to do it ourselves. " - Lisa Tanser




"The 'new kitchen' -- a warm and inviting space: new layout, open concept, island ... A modern space to entertain family and friends. We love it!" - Isabelle-Sara Roy





"For this laundry room reno, we choose "cloud burst" green for the walls to complement the silver accents and white shelving and washer and dryer. Now I actually enjoy doing laundry!" - Lauren Gooley




"The space needed a big overhaul, and we wanted to personalize it to make it our own. After a LOT of planning, hard work, and careful shopping, we finally redecorated our condo to how we envisioned it." - Kim Moreau




"To save money on this kitchen reno, I contracted all the work myself and my husband and I did the initial removal. By selling all of the old appliances and the old cabinets and counters we were able to offset some of the reno costs and brought our reno in on budget and completed in 6 weeks." - Sandi Stephenson


makeover8.jpgENTRY 8

"My 1987 "nightmare in beige" bathroom -- a toilet that didn’t flush properly and a tub/shower with no light and completely closed in by doors that didn’t open or close properly. We love the new look of our washroom, but mostly we love the light and the fact that the room now functions!" - Rebecca Chesley





"We completely finished our basement by ourselves from scratch. This is the focus wall almost finished, just the lower cabinet doors to go." - Dan Daniels





"We removed stripped and replaced all 100-year-old baseboards and interior doors. It took 9 months to complete the interior, and we continue to work on the exterior." - Mary Pugh



 To view the full slideshow of before and after images, please click here.

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Home & Garden Makeover Contest: 10 entries we love!