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How-to: Holiday wrapping

Basic white boxes go glam for a totally chromatic Christmas.

What's stylist Lara McGraw's inspiration for this year's Christmas wrapping? The '80s! "Let's give the holidays a little funk," says Lara, who boldly dressed up plain white boxes in four fluorescent hues reminiscent of the neons she wore in grade school. With the aid of scissors, an always-dependable glue gun and loads of textured trimmings in this playful colour scheme, Lara made Christmas magic. You can do it too: choose a bright, bold palette, and have some fun!
Serene green
Refreshing and peaceful, green is easy on the eyes. Choose simple accessories - thin and sheer ribbons, soft feathers and small sparkly beads are enough to dazzle.

Tip: Use a glue gun to hold trimmings in place and ribbons in straight lines.
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