Family-friendly home decor

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Family-friendly home decor

family-decor-familyl-friendly-ho.jpgInterior: Family-friendly home
This gorgeous home is perfect for its family of five and was decorated on a budget, too!

family-decor-interiors-family-co.jpgInterior: Modern family cottage
Homeowner and designer Laura Fisher transforms her family cottage from bold and busy to simple and refined.

family-decor-8-family-friendly-l.jpg8 essentials for a family-friendly living room
Family-friendly style needs to be able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Here’s how to decorate a living room you and your family will be able to really enjoy.

family-decor-interiors-small-fam.jpgInteriors: A small modern family home
A small home offers ample places for a new family to sit back and enjoy life’s stages.

family-decor-functional-family-h.jpgInterior: Functional family home
This stylish contemporary home is perfect for a family of three.

family-decor-family-photos-MED.jpgHow to display family photos
Here are 6 ways to display your family photos.

family-decor-steven-chris-family.jpgSteven & Chris: A family-friendly living room
Steven and Chris show you how to transform a room into a family-friendly space without sacrificing style!

family-decor-blue-couch.jpg Family-friendly decorating
Ideas for making your home a place the whole family can enjoy.

family-decor-organizing-101.jpgOrganizing 101: Family rooms
Get your family room organized by carefully editing your belongings and creating a good organizing system that makes it easy to put things away.

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Family-friendly home decor