Interior: Equestrian coach house

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Interior: Equestrian coach house

equestrian-door.jpg Always make an entrance A strong architectural feature, even if it’s simple – in this case, a Gothic arched doorway and door – creates a framework with character, something that’s necessary to balance equestrian’s powerful signature style. In the absence of this type of detail, try some compelling elements of your own, like an ornate framed mirror or painting, which will establish a similar visual effect.


Let the foyer take the stage A stack of split logs, a well-worn English saddle and a favourite pair of riding boots may not be kicking around in the average Joe’s entryway, but the look can still be pulled together with a pair of felt-lined rubber boots and a terrific plaid carryall lined up neatly in the front hall. We love how this limestone floor and the delicate antique chair contribute a bit of panache to offset the rustic elements.


Create the right focal point We may not all have a gorgeous Victorian stone fireplace, but the idea of a roaring fire – with devoted canine companions in front – is essential to the look. This room is furnished with a timeless chocolate brown leather wing chair; a hint of glamour is seen in the round glass-top nesting tables.


Have the hard stuff on hand Equestrian style is not for the faint of heart – or palate. Imagine it’s an afternoon after the hunt (no foxes harmed, of course!), and set out libations and bottles of sparkling water on a sideboard – a few trophies and ribbons wouldn’t go amiss either. Gather around the fireplace with cut-crystal stemware in hand and regale friends with the stories of great horses that got away.


Install a daybed It can be as simple as a single bed tucked against the wall, strewn with cushions and a cosy duvet, or as extravangant as Kristy’s perfect daybed built right into a nook. Here, the drawers underneath provide storage space, while the Gothic arched window above creates a sense of airy serenity.


Keep it light This look isn’t inherently dark and brooding à la Heathcliff galloping over the moors. Part of what makes this room so appealing is how the black painted trim and floors help punctuate and frame an otherwise white space. The other shades used are mostly on the neutral side – even the green of the bookcases is weathered and muddy – which means the vibrant orange throw has the visual kick to take on the dramatic black-and-white setting.


Discover a moment in time a key feature of this look is that it’s a whole lifestyle – where everything from owning dogs to riding horses to wearing tweed to decorating your home expresses your personality. That’s why something as simple as a red tassled key fob is worth a second look.


Curate your assets Equestrian-chic interiors put it all on display. Take a new look at what’s on your bookshelves and rearrange your pieces into an artful vignette with a horsey theme. use objects that have interesting shapes and textures – from a bronze sculpture and a handbag to a garden ornament and prize ribbons – for visual punch.


Decorate with nature The essence of equestrian chic is enjoying the outdoors and integrating natural elements into your decor. Displaying unpretentious seasonal arrangements of flowers and berries is an effective way to do just that.



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Interior: Equestrian coach house