Romancing the home

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Romancing the home

As with love, good design makes life better and current trendsetters are swooning over romance. Whether in fashion, pop-culture or home decor, a little lust is making its way into our thoughts, one steamy suggestion after another. Bring romance into your home with these tempting tips from interior designer, Dov Goldstein, Director of the Interior Design Show.

Flower power: An obvious choice, but nothing says love more than the addition of flowers in your home decor. The trick is to make the arrangement special. A single perfect rose poised in a blood-red vase would be the jewel in any room.

Trip the light fantastic: Whether you like overt opulence or subtle sophistication in your home design, a chandelier is an absolute must for creating that romance reminiscent of the late 18th century. Use one with a dimmer switch so you can set the sensual mood. If you don't want to go to the extent of adding a chandelier, be sure to light your room with candles.

Scent-sational: The power of scent should never be underestimated. Like the perfume of a first love becomes an unforgettable memory, a home resonate with a delicious smell is key. Try India Hicks' new Island Home and Body Collection for Crabtree & Evelyn. Infused with sandalwood and essence of Spider Lily, it transports you into a fantasy-land with one sultry sniff.

Sexy sounds: Place a discreet stereo in your living room or bedroom that is out-of-sight to the eye. With the soft sounds of Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald wafting throughout the house, it creates a relaxed and ever-inviting environment.

Feather a nest: Super-soft bedding for the bedroom is undeniably romantic. Think elegant duvet covers and creamy linens that are silky to the touch. If decadence is in your budget, try a cozy cashmere blanket or whimsical feather throw pillows.

Colour change: Paint is the best cheap date! It's low-maintenance, fun and easy to correct. Go against the traditional aesthetic of cream and burgundy and opt for an eggplant-shade of purple. It will create a dramatic and mysterious feeling when set with a number of simple votive candles.

Fire it up! With today's range of flue-less fireplaces, splurge on a hearth to get you in the mood without the mess. It will add great style to your existing design -- and warmth -- plus, they're easy to install anywhere: dining room, living room or bedroom.

Lovely lace: Antique lace table cloths, bathroom hand towels or dining table place mats are ultra-feminine accessories that will add that old-world charm to your current design.

Lounging around: Instead of the traditional love seat, why not splurge on a sumptuous chaise lounge perfect for a cozy couple. Instant sex appeal to today's sitting room!

Curtain call: Add simple linen curtains on the doorways that transition between the rooms in your home (kitchen-to-dining room, dining room-to-living room etc) to soften the look of your urban oasis.


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Romancing the home