Bathroom style: Rustic decor

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Bathroom style: Rustic decor

1 Choose light neutral colours for the fixed elements, such as wall and floor tiles, and introduce colour through accessories, which can be changed for a different look in a few years.

2 Use natural materials, such as slate, marble and natural woods, instead of country-themed motifs to create a more relaxed, rustic atmosphere.

3 Incorporate handmade elements wherever possible, such as hand-hammered wrought iron, to add extra texture.

4 Use furniture pieces, rather than built-ins, for storage of linens and supplies.

5 Adapt an antique dresser (like this antique English pine one) to become a vanity. These cabinets are often less expensive and more charming than a newly built piece.

6 Choose simple, classic fixtures and accessories in the other bathrooms to allow a little extra spending in the master bath.

7 Use natural, unlined linen or hemp drapes instead of a blind, if you have room; they create a soothing, relaxed feel.

8 Place all lights on dimmers for a lovely soft effect during long evening soaks.

9 Maximize the use of more expensive mosaic tiles by using them either as a border accent or inlaid between each row of large-scale floor tiles to create depth and texture.

10 Look for sconces with shades in a colour other than white; mica shades impart an intimate, candlelit glow to a room.

11 Use a variety of wood tones to create an eclectic mix.

12 Maintain consistency and an overall design vision throughout the house. You can create a distinct mood in each space without feeling like you've just entered another world.


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Bathroom style: Rustic decor