Pretty powder rooms

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Pretty powder rooms

Thanks to its small stature, the powder room is the ideal place to take big decorating chances. Bold colours, busy patterns and sparkling accents are exquisitely suited to this jewel-box room. Design editor Christine Hanlon shows you how to achieve maximum impact in this small space.


Sumptuous style
In this room, I painted the walls and trim the same colour to create a seamless, intimate look. The lavish sconces and polished-nickel side table add sparkle, while the white vanity pops against the dark wall and creates a pretty focal point.

Relaxing retreat
Busy character wallpaper that could be dizzying in a larger room is suited to this small space. When incorporating a lively pattern, keep other finishes simple. A modern mirror and sleek nickel-plated sconces contrast gracefully against the energetic backdrop.

Detail oriented
Just because the powder room isn't as grand as a master ensuite doesn't mean you can't make it just as fabulous. Follow these five tips to turn your modest two piece bathroom into a showstopping design statement.

1 Create instant ambiance
Put light fixtures on dimmer switches. Adjusting the light can instantly and dramatically after the mood.

2 Aim for accuracy
The best height for sconces depends on the size of both the room and the sconces, but generally the centres of sconces should be 66" to 72" from the floor. Try to align them with the centre of the mirror.

3 Be extravagant
On average it only takes about two rolls of wallpaper to cover the upper portion of the walls in a powder room, so splurge on a grandiose pattern.

4 Opt for symmetry
Positioning a sconce on either side of a mirror is better than mounting a single sconce above. It creates a sense of symmetry and an even light - no more shadows across the face of the person looking in the mirror.

5 Treat your guests
Luxury soaps and lotions are a special treat for visitors. Look for beautiful packaging that will complement the room's decor. Because of its small footprint, a powder room is an easy place to indulge in expensive materials.


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Pretty powder rooms